Save Time with Walmart’s Free In-Store Pickup

There is only one word that can adequately describe what December is like around these parts: Chaotic. In addition to the typical family-related running around after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, there’s also the fact that my blogging workload typically skyrockets and that I’m trying to wrap up graphic design projects for the end of the… Continue reading Save Time with Walmart’s Free In-Store Pickup

Kid Style: It’s Summer!

It’s finally here! My oldest daughter is out of school, and baby Juliza is — well — being baby Juliza. But finally, the days have come when the kids can sleep late in the morning and stay up late at night, and we can spend afternoons lounging at the park. The challenge? Well, both Ja’Naya and baby… Continue reading Kid Style: It’s Summer!

Shop for your Green Baby at

When I began my green journey about 5 years ago, I admit I was a bit militant about it. I essentially demanded change from myself and my family, in everything from our shopping and recycling habits to the lotion we put on our skin. It was a tough transition, but it worked. We switched most… Continue reading Shop for your Green Baby at