Outfit: It’s Maxi Dress Season!

I’m Wearing: Faded Glory belted maxi dress, $12.94 | Faded Glory sweater shrug, $12.94 I admit it. Winter puts me into a lull that makes me lazy and less likely to get up and get dressed up for photos. This is especially true because I work from home, and therefore do not have to get… Continue reading Outfit: It’s Maxi Dress Season!

Outfit: Spring has Sprung

Georgia is a big tease. In between the crazy cold, windy days, we’ll get a 60-degree day here and a 70-degree day here, and I’ll think spring is here to stay. Of course, I’ll be wrong, and it’s back to 30 degrees the next day. And it leaves me bitter every time. Still, there are… Continue reading Outfit: Spring has Sprung