Outfit: Spring has Sprung

Georgia is a big tease. In between the crazy cold, windy days, we’ll get a 60-degree day here and a 70-degree day here, and I’ll think spring is here to stay. Of course, I’ll be wrong, and it’s back to 30 degrees the next day. And it leaves me bitter every time. Still, there are… Continue reading Outfit: Spring has Sprung

Outfits: Is it Fall Yet?

There comes a time toward the end of every season when I begin to wish it would just pack its bags and move on. As much as I love warm weather, I’m sorry to say that time has come for summer. The kids are back in school and I don’t have a pool where I… Continue reading Outfits: Is it Fall Yet?

OOTD: Adventurous Combination

I’ve been really proud of myself lately. Why? Well, I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and beauty, and I’ve been doing things that I’ve always wanted to try, like wearing lipstick (gasp! But I never wear makeup) and wearing a man’s shirt. So this past weekend when I was… Continue reading OOTD: Adventurous Combination