Outfit: Cookie-Inspired Fall Fashion from Walmart

There are a lot of things I look forward to about fall: The start of the school year after a long summer, cooler weather and fall fashion are high on the list. But I can’t even lie: I eagerly await September because my favorite shows come back for a new season. This September, I cannot… Continue reading Outfit: Cookie-Inspired Fall Fashion from Walmart

Fall Fashion DIY: Glitter Toe Flats

I have to admit — one of my favorite things about fall, aside from the beautifully changing leaf colors, is the fashion. As much as I love lightweight fabrics and strappy sandals, I have come to look forward to the layering, boots and cozy fashion that comes with cooler weather. For my daughter, it means she… Continue reading Fall Fashion DIY: Glitter Toe Flats

Outfits for Two: Affordable Labor Day Style

SHE’S WEARING: Faded Glory peplum top, $7.88 | Faded Glory denim leggings, $4.97 | Wanted snakeskin-look flats (aff) I’M WEARING: Marilyn Monroe tee, $7.50 | Faded Glory snake print leggings, $6.97 |  Blazer  |  Pastry wedge sneakers (aff) For most people, Labor day marks the official end of summer — at least is far as school is concerned —… Continue reading Outfits for Two: Affordable Labor Day Style

Outfits: Back to School Style

This year, going back to school promises to be an expensive proposition. Typically, we try to space out the expenses over the whole summer, but a slow work schedule has made that difficult this year. So when Walmart offered me an opportunity to do some shopping for school clothes, I jumped at the chance to… Continue reading Outfits: Back to School Style

OOTD: Adventurous Combination

I’ve been really proud of myself lately. Why? Well, I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and beauty, and I’ve been doing things that I’ve always wanted to try, like wearing lipstick (gasp! But I never wear makeup) and wearing a man’s shirt. So this past weekend when I was… Continue reading OOTD: Adventurous Combination

OOTD: Falling for Color

Somehow, now that I’m paying a lot more attention what I wear and how I put myself together, it somehow always feels like I have nothing to wear. That’s not true, of course, but when you’re going through your closet at the last minute, it can definitely feel that way. Case in point: My husband,… Continue reading OOTD: Falling for Color