Support Women with Your Dollars

Patricia Wallwork, CEO of Milo’s Tea Company

When I was growing up, I was fortunate to have strong women in my life to look up to, including my mother. So when the time came for me to start my own business, it never crossed my mind that I couldn’t because I’d had so many examples of women doing big things. I was… Continue reading Support Women with Your Dollars

You Better Believe That #GirlsCan

Want to see my mama bear come roaring out? Tell either of my girls that they can’t do something. Better yet, tell them that the reason they can’t do it is because they’re girls. Go ahead. I’ll wait. As you might imagine, that kind of talk doesn’t go well around these parts. Not even a… Continue reading You Better Believe That #GirlsCan

Dsenyo Empowers Malawian Women in Style (+ Giveaway)

There is little in this world that makes me happier than seeing women empowered. More and more companies and organizations are working to provide empowerment for women throughout the world, but I am particularly impressed by Dsenyo. Dsenyo is a wonderful organization that offers goods handmade by women in Malawi, including handbags, aprons and accessories… Continue reading Dsenyo Empowers Malawian Women in Style (+ Giveaway)