Stuntin’ in Walmart Activewear

To call my daughter active would be a severe understatement. If she’s not doing gymnastics, she’s thinking about doing gymnastics. All day. Every day. It’s been this way for almost 2 years. She spent the last year teaching herself lots of moves since she wasn’t taking classes for a while, but she’s getting ready to… Continue reading Stuntin’ in Walmart Activewear

Outfit: Getting Active with Avia

I’m Wearing: Avia performance tank from Walmart  |  Avia performance capris from Walmart  |  Puma sneakers (similar) (aff) I’ll start this off with a bit of honesty: I’ve become lazy. In fairness, I’ve had a good reason to slow down. Having a baby will do that to you. But baby Juliza was born six months… Continue reading Outfit: Getting Active with Avia

Maybe Wearing ‘Activewear’ will Help Me Stay Active

If I’m really honest with myself, I don’t like to exercise. Well, that’s not entirely true. I love to dance, which is technically exercise, but getting up the desire to move my body is almost always a challenge. Still, I know I need to do it and I always feel better afterward, so I’ve had… Continue reading Maybe Wearing ‘Activewear’ will Help Me Stay Active