I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to drop me line, whether it’s a question, a comment, whether you agree or disagree with anything I have to say. I want to know what’s on your minds. Also, do you know of a green idea, product or service that you’d like to see featured at Green & Gorgeous? Are you a PR firm that represents green products?  Are you a green business or do you produce a green product that you’d like to see featured? Would you just like to contact me to tell me how great the site is (or isn’t)?

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Helpful Hints & Review Info

All submissions will be reviewed to ensure they match the editorial focus of Green & Gorgeous. To make it easier for everyone, please keep the following things in mind before you submit your product, business or idea:

  1. Please be sure to take a look around Green & Gorgeous to understand the editorial focus before submitting.  I will only feature products and ideas that are a good fit for my lifestyle and beliefs. In other words, while I may write about clothing that’s not necessarily eco-friendly if it’s something I would actually buy, it’s unlikely I’d write about conventional beauty or cleaning products since there’s little to no chance I’d ever use them in real life. Be prepared to answer questions about the merits of any item you submit.
  2. If possible, please include a high-quality photo with a width of at least 600 pixels or larger. Maximum file size: 1MB.
  3. Keep your submissions short. If interested, I will request further information from you. However, please be sure to include a link to your website, if available. If I would like to review your product, I will contact you as soon as possible, with an address to send samples. I may request additional product samples to offer as giveaways to readers.
  4. Be sure to include valid contact information.
  5. IMPORTANT: Product samples that are submitted for review will not be returned, and you are responsible for all shipping costs involved.

Please note: Decisions to write and/or post a product review are based on whether it’s a good fit or my values, as well as quality and environmental merits. Some products may not be reviewed if I do not believe it will resonate with my readers. I am dedicated to being candid and honest in the reviews I do post. It is not my intention to openly disparage any products, but I aim to offer balanced, thoughtful reviews. I will critique your products honestly.