Why Steel Container Homes Are The Green Housing Option You Don’t Want To Miss

In the world of green housing, there are some surprising eco-friendly options available for building materials. From 3D printed concrete houses, to houses made out of straw bales, to recycled plastic homes, people keep coming up with unexpected creative ways to build their homes while helping the environment. One example of this ingenuity at work: steel shipping containers. These containers can be turned into unique, eco-friendly homes; read on to learn more about these creative container homes.

Why Shipping Containers?

Out of all the options for building materials, why choose steel containers? The first reason for using these often overlooked materials for building is simple; they’re durable, and made to withstand a wide variety of conditions. Steel shipping containers average a 25-year lifespan and require minimal maintenance when used for their intended purpose. But when incorporated into a home, where they will stand up against fewer rough conditions, they can last even longer. According to a study by TheAdvisory, UK homes built with steel containers rose byo over 300% in 2018.

Additionally, shipping containers are already stable and require little reinforcement to be turned into a functional home. They can either act as a small home when using just one, or they can be stacked together like building blocks to form larger, more complex buildings. Some people choose to use a single container for a small home of only a few hundred square feet, while others have used them to create shipping container mansions out of dozens of old containers.

Green Homes From Recycled Material

Because there are plenty of used shipping containers for sale that would otherwise go to waste, shipping container homes are eco-friendly because they’re making use of what would be waste material. These recycled containers also require little additional material to turn them from boxes to houses, meaning that there’s a serious reduction in scraps and waste material during the building process when compared to traditional housing.

If you’re looking for an unusual housing option to go green in your next home, do some research to see if shipping container homes could be right for you. Be sure to check local zoning laws, though; not all places allow for container homes yet, but with the increasing popularity, you’re bound to see more of them in your neighborhood soon.

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