Green Thumb, Small Space: How To Make A Tiny Garden In Your Tiny Apartment

Living in a modestly-sized apartment in a big city is certainly environmentally-friendly in reducing your carbon footprint, but that shouldn’t prevent you from filling your apartment with greenery. These creative solutions allow you to let your green thumb go crazy and make the most out of small outdoor or indoor spaces.

Grow Vertically

When you have limited floor space in your apartment, use the wall space you would typically dedicate to one or two pictures to hang or stack plants instead. There’s a wide variety of vertical gardening solutions, including stacked containers, repurposed hanging shoe organizers, tin cans, and recycled plastic bottles. If you’re not into the upcycling look for your apartment, Woolly Pockets are a popular vertical garden option. These wall hangers are lightweight, breathable, and flexible, made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Utilize Any And All Outdoor Space

When you’re lucky enough to have a small yard, balcony, or patio in an urban area, you should use the fresh air to your advantage. You can create a container garden on your balcony by filling it with different-sized ceramic pots and planters. Just make sure that all of the plants there are suited for the amount of sun the balcony gets and that watering your little garden won’t create a waterfall for your downstairs neighbors. In a small backyard or patio, put planters on any available walls or railings. You can create a rustic privacy wall with repurposed wood, and cover it in potted plants. Put planters on existing railings to break up the urbanity of your outdoor space. If you have the space, create a raised garden bed in your backyard with repurposed materials. This will allow you to use your own soil and not worry about any chemicals that may already be in your backyard.

Venture Into Vegetables

Go green by growing your own fruits and vegetables in any open spots outdoors or indoors. Tomatoes are very easy to grow from their seeds. You can establish the seedlings indoors in a small pot, and then move them to a sunny spot on the patio or on a windowsill. With a larger container outside, you can plant a blackberry plant that easily flourishes on its own. These berries grow from late summer to early autumn, giving you the perfect topping for salad or filling for pies. While a wide variety of produce can be grown in small spaces, including lemons, chiles, apples, and more, you need to make sure the containers are suited for them. If you’re repurposing containers, cut small holes into the bottom for drainage and use quality soil. Healthy soil is composed of 45% minerals, 25% water, 25% air, and 5% organic matter.

Any small space is made brighter and more eco-friendly with plants in it. Even if you have more of a pale green or light yellow thumb, start small with simple succulents and from there you can grow your indoor garden into a plant paradise.

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