Lawncare Creativity Gets The Job Done

Homeownership is hard. All that property to take care of constantly keeps getting out of hand. A task in futility, perhaps, but it’s a necessary evil. The home and garden market may have been worth $272 billion in 2017, but this guy’s home and garden creativity was priceless.

This Canadian man was in the weeds, literally. He had let his lawn get a little out of control. Finally realizing that enough was enough, he fired up his lawnmower and attempted to tame his lawn jungle. Generally, lawnmowers are pretty good at doing the job they’re made for, but his grass was so long it kept stalling the mower.

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Unfazed by this consistent annoyance, he tried to continue. Despite his effort, the overgrowth was defeating him. Frustrated by an already tedious task, he got creative. He opened the trunk hatch of his minivan, fastened his push-mower to the back of it, got behind the wheel, and dragged the mower across his stubborn lawn. In his van.

That’s one way to get your yard chores done. Across the street, the man’s neighbor took the video of this ingenious scene. You can hear them laughing while videoing a van-dragged lawn mower ripping across the front lawn and back around the house for another lap.

“My neighbor was trying to cut his grass and it was too long, so he kept stalling the lawnmower. His solution was to attach the push mower to the back of his van and fly around the property,” the filmer wrote in a post.

It’s always amusing to see how people face challenges whether they be personal or landscaping. This, however, is a definite first for us. Perhaps next time, before needing to take drastically hilarious steps, this man can learn from his prior procrastination and tame his lawn at reasonable intervals. Either way, keep up the good work, lawnmower van guy. Antics like that are what the internet was made for.

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