Master Gardeners Spreading Their Knowledge In Local Communities


With more people going green with each passing week, the backyard garden is undergoing a bit of a Pinterest-fueled renaissance. However, gardening can be an incredibly difficult hobby to teach yourself. Though you can always get some professional help with tree services (more at

That’s where the Master Gardeners program comes in. These classes are offered all over the United States and Canada, and they’re a great way for beginners who want to learn how to tend their garden (click here to find courses near you!).

Why Learn How To Garden?

Many Americans (around 83% of them) think that having a yard is important, and fully 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is well-maintained. And they’re right, a touch of quality landscaping can be a major factor in your home’s curb appeal.

However, knowing how to maintain that yard can be difficult, especially if a homeowner doesn’t have much experience with things like landscaping or hardscaping. Keeping your plants healthy and in great condition can be a hard task without adequate knowledge, and since one in four people never garden in their lives, there are a lot of homeowners that just don’t know where to start.

And that’s why the Master Gardeners classes are so popular.

How Does It Work?

One of these classes recently launched in West Virginia to help members of their communities learn to garden well.

The classes are part of a 10-week long training course that costs $100, and it comes with a West Virginia Extension Master Gardener’s Manual. The $100 fee covers the cost of speakers and lectures for the class.

According to officials for the program, the class is currently forming and is expected to start by mid-September. The course will cover topics like botany, plant identification, vegetable gardening, soil fertility and nutrient management, and how to handle plant disease and insects. Visit to learn more.

“Master Gardeners is a great program to connect members of the community,” Wood County Agricultural Extension Agent J.J. Barrett said. “The goal of the Master Gardening program is to enhance and supplement consumer horticulture programs of the WVU Extension Service.”

The individuals that run the program, known as the “Master Gardeners,” are volunteers that are trained in small-scale food production. They took the same courses that the program offers, and then share that knowledge with the community.

“The Master Gardener Program is a great way to enhance your gardening knowledge not only for personal use, but also to enable a person to assist their community through Master Gardener programs and efforts,” said Tony Playtis, president of the Wood County Extension Master Gardeners.

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