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Disclosure: This blog post is brought to you by Unstuck Life Courses and The Motherhood. As usual, all opinions are my own.

Hi. My name is Jennae, and I’m a procrastinator.

No, really. Even when I was writing this blog post, I stopped and started 3 times. Because I had time to write it. Of course, this particular characteristic becomes a challenge when I’m on deadline, or when I just need to get work done, because bills. It has also become a challenge for me because I’d like to redesign three of my four websites to bring them up to current standards and add some new features. I’ve been trying to get this done literally for months. So when I was presented with the opportunity to try a Life Course that promised to help me get “Unstuck” and make a specific change, I knew I had to try it.

So what are Unstuck Life Courses, exactly? Well, they are online classes that anyone can take, and they’re chock full of inspirational videos, exercises, and worksheets designed to help you get out of your own way and improve your life.


I got to try the “Making a Change” course, and I have to say, I was really impressed by the way the course works. Having gone through online classes before, I was fully expecting to be forced to sit through lectures telling me what to do, with little to no actual interaction with the content. This was different. Instead of being talked at, the Making a Change course included me in the conversation, literally.

I walked through a series of interactive exercises — a total of four modules — that helped me to see not just how people get stuck in general when they’re trying to make a change, but specifically how and why I was getting stuck, and how to push past those challenges to make a concrete plan for change. There were some short videos with introductory information and personal anecdotes from people who had found a way to make a necessary change. But rather than assuming that one-size-fits-all advice would be helpful, every module gave me information that was specific to my responses in the exercises.


Additionally, every module ended with a worksheet I could print to help expand my thinking further and write down concrete ideas for how to move forward.


The four parts of the “Making a Change” course build upon one another, so each section uses the information you learned in the previous session, creating an actionable plan by the end. The parts:

What’s stopping you?: Helps you figure out how and why you get stuck.
Clarity will guide you: Helps you eliminate ambiguity and define the purpose of your change
Belief trumps risk: Builds motivation as a tool against the fear of risk and failure.
A system keeps you going: Pulls your work together into a printable system designed to inspire and motivate the user, including an action plan.

If you’re like me, thinking that you’d never have time to complete an online course, consider this: Each module takes only about 20 minutes to complete, and you can complete them at your own pace. I did them during my daughter’s short afternoon nap each day, when the house was quiet and I could really focus on the information in front of me.

The modules are quick enough that you could do them in the morning if you woke up before everyone else, right before going to sleep (because so many of us have our best ideas at night), or even if you had to sneak away to the bathroom to get them done (that used to be my hiding place until I realized that my walk-in closet was more comfortable and the door has a lock). The Unstuck team does recommend taking the course over a four-day period, with a day off for reflection. During that day of reflection, and later, you can go back and revisit any of the modules later if you feel you weren’t able to fully digest the information the first time around. I’ve gone back to mine a couple of times to remind me of my responses.

So what were the results? Well, I’ve actually started two of the three new site designs, and I’m about to start building a test site for the first.


Once I was able to clearly see why I was starting and stopping, and figure out exactly what I needed to get the work done, it was honestly a lot easier to put one foot in front of the other. Having a plan that I could refer to when I wasn’t sure what to do next was helpful as well, and because I was able to fill in some of my own action steps, those hints were super specific, because I wrote them that way. Pretty awesome outcome, I’d say.

If you’d like to try the Unstuck courses, the price is just $49.99 for a whole year of unlimited use.

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