Kid Style: DIY Slashed Leggings + Lauryn Hill

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OK. I admit I’m having a whole lot of fun with Juliza’s newfound fashionista persona. Since she is really shy around other people (read: She doesn’t like very many people at all), I love seeing her light up in front of the camera. I’m also getting a real kick out of styling all her little outfits.

Case in point: I’ve been seeing slashed/cut/shredded leggings and jeans everywhere for the past few weeks. I thought they’d be super cute on her, and I even found a store making them in her size. But DIY’er that I am, I knew I could make them myself. And make I did.

DIY Slashed Leggings for a Toddler (or Anyone)


You’ll Need:


  • Leggings (preferably old or inexpensive ones, like these from Walmart)
  • Chalk pencil or disappearing ink marker
  • Scissors

For best results, the leggings should fit pretty snugly. If they’re loose, the slashed effect won’t look the same.

Lay your leggings out flat and mark the places where you want to slash with the chalk pencil. I’ve seen people slash all the way down the front middle of both legs, just a couple on one knee, all the way down the sides, etc. There are a million ways you could go with this. Whatever you choose, it is a good idea to leave at least an inch of vertical space between slashes. I chose to do one long slash across the middle, then a shorter slash, alternating sides each time. Like this:


Once you’re happy with the placement of your marks, it’s time to cut. If your slashes are in the middle front of the leggings, you’ll want to fold them so the crease goes straight through the middle of your slashes.


Cut on the fold. In my case, I cut every other slash this way, since the others were placed off center. When you unfold the leggings and lay them flat again, you may find that you have to extend the slashes a bit to center them properly. Just cut a little more in either direction. No biggie.

To cut the off-center slashes, I simply pinched the fabric so it would fold in the center of the mark, then made a small cut on the fold.


This is the result.


This is super simple, and my oldest is already asking me to make her a pair. Shoot. I’ll probably make a pair (or three) for myself too, though I may be more conservative with the cuts.

So, what do they look like when worn? Get ready for image overload, because they were too cute for just a couple of pics.






Seriously, how freaking cute are they? The heart eyes emoji is the only one that could properly capture my swoon level.

Now, for the rest of her fit. Can we talk about this tee for a second?





Juliza and I have jumped head first into the world of Instagram brand repping, and she is a “brand enthusiast” for the shop that makes this tee, Little Royal Tees. It’s a small shop that makes awesome printed tees for babies and kids. And this Lauryn Hill tee? We are in love!





I cannot get enough of it! The top and the Timberland work boots were the perfect badass complements to the slashed leggings. I’m already brainstorming other ways to style the shirt.



And, also, plus, if you love this tee, there are 2 others in the same style: Tupac and LL Cool J. We may or may not have already grabbed the Tupac tee. Yes, please and thank you.

So what about you? Would you make or wear these slashed leggings for yourself or your little one?

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2 responses
  • Sheena April 15, 2016, 2:28 am

    Juliza slayed this shoot! I am SO making these for baby Akilah! They’ll probably be capri’s since I’ll have to go a size down to make sure they fit her lil booty, lol.

  • Katie April 16, 2016, 5:34 pm

    Juliza looks adorable in this outfit! Great DIY!


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