What’s in My Baby Bag, Toddler Edition

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Breastfeeding is magical. OK. Maybe not magical. But there are quite a few perks, one of which is not having to make bottles of formula, and another of which is never having to take said bottles of formula with me when leaving the house. As a result, baby Juliza’s baby bag has always been free most feeding supplies. Of course, she’s a toddler now, and things have changed a bit. I wish I were at the stage when I didn’t have to carry a bag for her at all, but alas, toddler. So when Walmart asked me what’s in my bag, I thought I’d share all the things that help me keep my toddler happy. And see a list of backpack style diaper bags here.

The overview


Our supply list honestly isn’t very long, but the things I do carry, we absolutely, positively need.

1. Diapers and wipes.

Juliza is a tough cookie. This seems to be especially true when it comes to potty training. I’m a toddler mom, so of course, I never get to go to the bathroom alone any more. So it’s not like she doesn’t have a good example of what to do, and when. She even has the words for it. But the child flat-out refuses to sit on toilet, or potty, or miniature toilet seat. She won’t do it. It turns into a battle of wits and full-on meltdown. So…I’m still carrying diapers around in my/her bag. Sigh. This phase will be over eventually. Huggies Little Movers is my favorite brand, and in my experience, I find the best price at Walmart.

Wipes are a toddler necessity whether they’re in diapers or not. Dirty faces, hands and well — elsewhere — will always need cleaning. I love the little wipes clutch from Huggies that’s shown in the photo. It’s cute, and it holds enough to last us a couple of outings.

2. Snacks and drinks


Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll be Juliza’s main food supply for the rest of her life. When we’re at home for most of the day, she’s all about mommy and her “titi.” But when we’re out and about, she will rarely nurse. But she WILL ask for snacks. And more snacks. And more snacks. So I’m very proactive about making sure we have a variety on hand. Among our favorites are Mott’s Medley fruit snacks and Goldfish crackers, both of which everyone else in the family eats too, so I have to work at keeping them stocked. Thankfully, they’re both really affordable at Walmart.

But in addition to edibles, I also have to carry drinkables, because she will ask for juice or water. On the occasions when I’ve forgotten her favorite spill-proof sippy cup, I’ve regretted it. I usually fill it with water or Motts for Tots juice, which contain less sugar than your average fruit juice, and take a second cup or bottle full as a backup.


I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of this, but we MUST have some form of entertainment on hand, usually of the electronic variety. Juliza has a Kindle Kids, and we usually have it on hand. I just share my phone’s data with her when we’re on the road. Little Einsteins on Netflix has made many a road trip bearable because my strong-willing little lady has only just started tolerating the car seat. The alternative is an old smartphone that no longer has service. I just let her play games on it.

There’s also an arsenal of toys in the car, just in case, but I don’t keep very many in her bag. Just the occasional small stuffed animal.

Change of clothes


This is one that I rarely need, but I’ve made the mistake of not having it, only to regret. Definitely a case of “better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” So I’ve learned to keep a seasonally-appropriate change of clothes handy. It can be easy to forget what extra clothes you have in the bag if you rarely use it, but trust me — make sure it’s the right season and appropriate for the current weather.


Right now, since Mother Nature can’t decide between spring and summer here in Georgia, that means a long-sleeved top and coordinating leggings. But with spring in swing and the weather warming, I’m preparing to switch out the outfit for something that’s warm-weather ready.

This cute Healthex outfit cost just $8.98, and it will be the perfect switch if (when) she ever messes up her clothes. It even comes with coordinating flip-flops, and she’s already obsessed with those.


The best part about carrying all of this stuff is easy. Because I don’t have to actually carry it. Ja’Naya handed down a backpack that can hold everything, and Juliza is at the “I wanna do it” stage, so she is more than willing carry it herself.


😉 Score 1 for mom!

So what about you, parents and caregivers. Does your toddler still require a “baby” bag? If so what are your essentials?


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