Dress Your Table: DIY Easter Basket Centerpiece


One of my favorite things about Easter actually has little to do with the holiday itself. I really just love the fact that it is a good signifier of the fact that spring is here, and I can really begin to expect the bright colors, growth and sunshine that comes with it. So when Walmart asked me to share an Easter table decor idea, I knew I wanted to bring a little of that feeling inside.

When I made Juliza’s Easter basket last week, I also stumbled on a ton of other types of baskets at Walmart, and I knew I wanted to use something bigger for this project. In addition to that, here’s what I used, all shown in the photo above:

  • Square wicker basket
  • Easter “grass”
  • Six golden eggs
  • Flameless candle set

This is a super simple centerpiece you can assemble in just a few minutes with supplies you can find in Walmart’s Easter selection if you don’t already have them on hand.

First, I grabbed a bowl that is small enough to fit inside the basket. This is an old decorator’s trick — an easy way to add height to a centerpiece for more interest. I flipped the bowl upside down and put it in the middle of the basket bottom, then sat the largest flameless candle on top of it. You could just sit the candle in the basket without the bowl if you wanted, if it’s not very deep. But flameless candles are a must for this project since paper + fire = bad idea.


Anyway, in addition to adding height, the bowl took up a good bit of space, so I didn’t need as much of the paper grass. I bought two packs, but wound up using just one. With these longer pieces of paper, a little goes a long way. Just separate the grass and arrange it around the candle so it covers the bowl and fills the basket.


The final step is to surround the candle with golden eggs. I love spring, but I have never been a fan of decorating with multiple pastel colors, no matter the occasion. The golden eggs still say “Easter,” but the colors are more in alignment with my decorating taste 🙂

I actually filled the eggs with some treats for my little ones, which I’ll let them have after we eat lunch and dinner on Easter Sunday.


But that’s it! Quick and simple to assemble, and it will work for Easter and for the rest of spring if you’d like to leave it on your table.


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