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I’m Wearing: No Boundaries Lace Dress, $14.88 | Bohemian headbands, $3.88 (similar) | Kenneth Cole sandals (similar)

Second only to fall, I absolutely love spring. The monotony of spending winter is indoors finally coming to an end, and I swear — it couldn’t happen soon enough. Because I work from home and baby Juliza stays home with me, we can literally go a whole week without leaving the house at all. During the warmer months, we try to spend a little time in the back yard just about every day, but winter nixed our time outside. So when Walmart challenged me to share their new spring apparel, I couldn’t wait to find something flirty and cute and go outside to shoot it, with Juliza in tow.

Before I go further, let me tell you how impressed I am with Walmart’s spring fashion options. There are tons of bright colors, lightweight fabrics, florals and graphic patterns, flirty dresses in trendy silhouettes, and sweaters to help you transition. I stuck to the juniors department, as the options were more in alignment with my personal taste. But there was a lot to choose from, including this fabulous romper that I was SO disappointed wasn’t available in my size.




Instead, I found this gorgeous, lacy handkerchief hem dress in coral — the perfect springy shade. Because it is made of lace, I wasn’t expecting much stretch, but the lace fabric and the lining actually both have quite a bit of give. The bodice easily stretched to go over my head, and the skirt fit easily over my hips without tightness or pulling. Score!



When I found these fabulous headbands for — wait for it — $3.88, I knew exactly how I wanted to style the dress. I wanted to feel warm and free, so I went total boho.

I admit that since I had Juliza and gained back pretty much all the weight I lost a few years ago, I’ve been self-conscious about baring my arms. But today, it felt great to just wear what I liked and not worry about anything else.

Of course, Juliza had to get in on the action. My intent was to take photos with her, but she was too busy watching the geese in the pond behind us and generally toddlering to pay me any attention. When I tried to pick her up, this is what I got:


Instead, my hubby and I got some great shots of her alone.




Looks like she’s happy about the fact that spring means we can go outside, too! For more daily pics of Juliza and her toddler antics and fashion, follow her new Instagram page, @julizaann.


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  1. I love, love, love how this dress looks on you! A line dresses for the win! Juliza’s hamming it up as usual! Y’all are mommy and me tea party fresh!

  2. Such a pretty dress! Love the sandals as well, pink and gold always go great together! The headband is also an awesome accent to the outfit, excellent pairing!

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