Easy DIY: Build Your Own Easter Basket


I admit it: I’m the mom who always forgets to buy Easter baskets for the kids, then ends up running to the store on Easter morning trying to find whatever happens to be left on the shelves. Not exactly the best way to score a quality basket. I usually end up with the ones that include random toys and the candy no one really wants.

So when Walmart challenged me to build my own Easter basket for under $10, I thought this would be an opportunity to redeem myself for all the years of crappy baskets.

It’s not hard to build your own basket at Walmart. Not at all. In addition to the pre-made baskets, there are tons of items that make it easy to choose items that your kids (or whomever) will actually want.


I decided to build the basket for Juliza, which was a bit challenging. I had to give her items appropriate for a 2-year-old. Here’s what I picked up:

  • Cute plastic bucket, $0.98
  • Easter basket “grass”, $0.98
  • Egg filled with fun-sized packs of M&Ms and Skittles, $3
  • Easter Bunny bubbles, $0.98
  • Plush bunny, $2.98
  • Two hair flowers, $1/ea.
  • Daniel Tiger book, $5.68
  • Decorative basket ribbon, $1.84

Ok. So I went a little over budget. But I couldn’t resist adding a book to the basket, and the bow was too cute to pass up. Honestly, it was hard to spend just $10 not because the items were expensive, but because there were so many great items to choose from. Honestly. It wouldn’t be hard to build an awesome basket with almost any theme, and there was a huge variety of decorative and character-themed buckets and baskets ranging from about $1-10. I chose a plastic bucket because while we may never use a wicker or straw basket again, this bucket will get a new life as a catchall on Juliza’s shelf.


I’ve never been one of those parents who will give random, crappy plastic toys as a gift, because 99.97% of the time, they sit and collect dust. But I love giving useful items, and Walmart made that easy. Even the basket ribbon will get a second life as a hair bow for Ja’Naya.


The assembly was like playing Tetris. I just put everything where it fit best, with bits of “grass” underneath and in between to fill it all out. I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out.

So what about you? Would you build your own Easter basket, or do you prefer to go the pre-made route?


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