DIY Storage Solution: Personalize with Ribbon

The one room in our house that stays clean regularly is, believe it or not, Juliza’s room. That is mostly because we don’t spend a whole lot of time in there. The rest is because when we do play there, I make her clean up after herself. Of course, this has become harder as she has grown enough to reach new and interesting places. Like the drawer where we keep all her diapers and toiletries.


Before she was even born, I chose the third drawer in her dresser for diapers, wipes, ointment, lotion and other toiletries. For a long time, it worked great. When she was small enough to be changed on top of the dresser, everything was close at hand in the drawer. Now that I usually change her on top of a changing pad on the floor, I can still reach everything without getting up. Of course, Juliza can reach it too.


This means I have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t pull every wipe out of the container or squeeze lotion all over her clothes. So when Walmart challenged me to solve a storage problem with a little flair, I decided to finally move all that stuff out of her reach.

I found a great hanging storage system in Walmart’s baby department for just $7.88. Designed to hang over the door, it was the perfect size and height. However, it was also a little boring. So I picked up some fancy ribbon in pink and yellow to match her room. And for labeling, I picked up a roll of chalkboard Duck Tape.


I used the ribbon to embellish the edges of each bin on the rack: Pink stripes on top and yellow ruffles on the bottom. I simply measured, cut the ribbon to size, and attached it with my favorite crafting implement: Hot glue.


Even with just the ribbon, the bins were looking great, but I wanted to be able to label each bin with its contents. So I cut a few inches of chalkboard tape for each compartment, and cut small squares from each corner of the tape for a cool, decorative effect.


Of course, after carefully finding chalkboard tape, I got home only to realize I didn’t have any chalk. So while the bins are unlabeled in these photos, if you squint really hard and lean your head to the right when you look at the photos below, you can imagine what it will look like with curly lettering and cutesy doodles on each strip of tape.



I’m really happy with the final look. It’s cute enough to remain visible at all times, rather than hidden away in her closet, and — hallelujah — it’s out of Juliza’s reach. This means it will be easier for me to keep each bin organized, because she’s not rifling through them, and it will generally be less of a headache for me.


Folks, that’s what we call “winning.”


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