Styling a Toddler: Healthtex Makes It Easy

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Baby Juliza and I have a beautiful relationship, but…she’s 2. So that means that I spend most of my day saying some variation of “stop!”, “don’t do that” or “climb down from there, please!” And she spends the rest of the day saying “I don’t want it!” or “no!” But the one thing we both can agree on is dressing up. The child loves to put on clothes, and she’ll spend her whole day wearing shoes if I let her. This is much to my glee, since I’m slightly fashion obsessed and have fun browsing clothing sites for myself and sites like, but lack the money necessary to replace my entire wardrobe or buy a whole new one for Juliza. So when I was asked to dress Juliza in Healthex baby clothes from Walmart, I took the opportunity to live vicariously through her closet.

Look 1




As soon as I saw this top, I knew Juliza had to have it. She just received some pink and black sneakers for Christmas, so I’ve been on the lookout for stuff she can wear with them. The screen printed heart pattern and sewn-on flowers on this Healthex top are perfectly cute and girly. I just paired it with some pink leggings she already owned and her sneakers, and it’s the perfect outfit for her to play like toddlers play without getting in her way.





And isn’t her head wrap the cutest thing ever? I have to work on getting her to sit still long enough for me to wrap it a little tighter, but I love the way it looks. If you want to try the same with your baby or toddler, just be sure to use a really lightweight scarf or piece of fabric, because wraps can get heavy, and you don’t want to put their developing neck muscles under any unnecessary strain.

Look 2



How cute is this sweater dress?! I usually stay away from inexpensive sweaters, because they tend to be made of itchy, lower quality knits. That is not the case here. The fabric is really soft, and though I might let her wear an undershirt because of the embroidered pattern on the front, she could easily rock it without one.


We kept the leggings from the first look for additional warmth, since Georgia decided it was finally time for winter and temperatures have been hovering in the 30s and 40s. And we paired them with her new boots, which I’m completely jealous about. Her boots are better than mine!

Look 3



The final outfit came as a set, and how could I possibly resist the metallic gold leggings? This is the perfect outfit for those days when I want to dress her up a bit without going overboard. And just in case you weren’t aware toddlering these days apparently includes taking copious amounts of selfies on mommy’s phone. This one is the money shot, sort of:




Anyway, as a testament to how comfortable this is, it took a solid 30 minutes of convincing and a promise of breast milk before she’d let me take this outfit off her. And the best part? The whole outfit was just under $8. In fact, everything I bought was under $10.

Truth be told, much of Juliza’s existing Walmart wardrobe is made up of Healthtex clothes, including the outfit and coat seen here and the dress she wore for our family Christmas photos. The brand is super affordable, and the clothes are really cute and comparable to stuff I’ve seen elsewhere for much higher prices. How affordable? Well, I was able to get two outfits and an additional top for $25. At those prices, my daughter can afford to be a fashionista, even if I can’t right now.

My only word of caution is to pay attention to the sizing. Right now, Juliza is hovering between 24 months and 2T sizing. Healthtex doesn’t offer 2T — it jumps straight from 24 months to 3T. For the most part, 24 months is ample in size, like the sweater dress. But in some styles, like the black and pink top, the cut is really small. I bought that in a 3T. In some cases, the fabric doesn’t have much stretch, so it’s wise to size up a bit.

Disclosure: I have received product for review and compensation for my time and effort in writing this post. As usual, all opinions are my own and 100% truthful.

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