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There is only one word that can adequately describe what December is like around these parts: Chaotic. In addition to the typical family-related running around after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, there’s also the fact that my blogging workload typically skyrockets and that I’m trying to wrap up graphic design projects for the end of the year. Add to that the unfortunate fact that at least one of us usually gets sick once the weather officially shifts to “cold” (except this year, it was all of us), and December is just a recipe for stress. As a result, I tend to shop online when it comes to Christmas gift-giving, because I have neither the time nor the desire to spend hours in a store looking for a great gift when I can just do it from my computer or smartphone.

So when Walmart offered me the opportunity to try out their in-store pickup service, I knew it would fit right in to my holiday shopping habits.


I like shopping at for one major reason: I can always find tons of items that aren’t available in store — or at least not in my store. This year, I wanted to get baby Juliza a puppy. Except — you know — not a real puppy because I’m not doing that again for a long time to come. I wanted to give her a Fur Real friends puppy. However, given that she’s not even 2 years old yet, I didn’t want one of the super fancy, expensive toys that she may or may not destroy. After all, her nickname is “Hurricane JuJu.” Nope. I just wanted a sufficiently cute puppy that did — well — something. Anything, really. Bark. Roll over. Pay all our bills. Sorry. Wrong list.

Anyway, had a bunch of Fur Real friends options, including a cute puppy that barks and bounces AND costs less than $20. So I added the puppy to my cart and choose the free in-store pickup option at my closest store. Once the order was complete, I received email confirmation and notice that I’d get another email when my order was ready for pickup.

The order wasn’t scheduled to be available until four days later, but it was actually ready in just two days — Right on time, because I was headed to Walmart to do grocery shopping anyway. I just picked up my order before I got started.

The orange in-store signs guided me back to the pickup counter in the back of the store.



There were a few customers in front of me, but once it was my turn, the pickup process was quick and painless. I showed the associate my pickup notification email and ID, she pulled my order, I signed for it, and I left. Easy peasy.

I do wish that there was more than one person working the pickup desk, because a long line grew behind me while I waited, and I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for those customers to have such a long wait for what should’ve been an easy pickup. But overall, the process was simple, and you can’t beat free shipping and avoiding walking around the store to find an item that a 30-second website search could find so much more easily.


And now, baby Juliza will have a puppy waiting for her under the tree on Christmas morning.


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