Affordable Nursing Bras and Basics that are Actually Comfy

By some miracle, Juliza and I have made it 22 — almost 23 — months strong on our breastfeeding adventure. And though I had all these grand plans to be done with nursing by the time she turned 2, it seems my little one has other plans. I’ve decided to practice child-led weaning with her, so it may be a while yet before we’re done. As eager as I am to get back to “regular” clothes and undergarments, it seems that I will be stuck with nursing bras for the foreseeable future. So when Walmart offered me the opportunity to try some nursing bras and clothes from their Nuture by Lamaze brand, I was only too eager to add to my collection.

Let’s be real for a second: Nursing breasts are unique. They change in size throughout the days as they go from full to empty and back again. So quite literally, a bra that fit me well when I left the house may be overflowing by the time I’m a few hours into that outing. As a result, I’ve found that soft cup bras are much more comfortable than their more rigid underwire counterparts. The Nurture by Lamaze seamless sleep bras and seamless nursing bras were appealing to me because of the comfort factor.


Of course, there needs to be a balance between comfort and support, especially when you’re a DD-DDD cup like me. And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from either, because I haven’t had much luck with this style of bra. I’m usually either spilling out of them, or they’re so unsupportive that I may as well not wear a bra. I have to say though, the sleep bras really provided more support than I expected. They are comfortable for sleeping, but I actually wear them around the house during the day while I’m working. They’re not quite supportive enough for — say — a grocery shopping trip, but they weren’t designed for that. At $12.50 for a pack of 2 bras, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

The seamless nursing bra provided a bit of a challenge for me in that they size out at XL. While the band fit me fine, the cups just weren’t large enough. They had padding, which is great in a nursing bra, because leaks. But I’d probably need an XXL or 2X for large enough cups. Still, I appreciate the no-seam approach, and the fabric was super soft and pliable.


Walmart has other great nursing and maternity basics, like their Labor of Love seamless maternity leggings, tanks and belly bands. I gave up long ago on wearing nursing tops, because finding cute ones that are also affordable feels like an impossible task, but I LOVE a good tank top that I can pull down nurse without exposing all my parts. And this one is my new favorite. The seamless style and soft fabric feel like wearing nothing at all. Plus, it is really, really stretchy, which makes it easy to maneuver when I have a toddler begging for “titi please” in my lap. I can say the same for the leggings. I feel naked in them, and that is the highest possible compliment I can pay to any piece of clothing. The Labor of Love Belly Bangle belly band, for which I really thought I had no use this far postpartum, has also proven useful for being able to lift my top to nurse without showing my belly and back.

The best part of all these items is the amazing pricing. Each item costs $10 or less. And in a world where pretty much everything with the words “nursing” or “maternity” in front of the name comes with a high price, that is a refreshing concept. Juliza agrees. Mostly because they all make it that much easier for her to get her beloved titi. Which she’s requesting in this photo.



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