DIY Face Painting for Halloween: Baby Cheetah

Now that I have kids, I really get into Halloween every year. That usually manifests itself as homemade costumes for them, like this year’s DIY Doc McStuffins for baby Juliza. But I understand that many people don’t have either the time or the inclination to make an elaborate costume at home. Or — if you’re like I was a few years ago — you wait until the last minute to pick up a costume and all the best ones are gone. Or, if you have a baby or toddler, they may just revolt against a costume altogether. In any case, Walmart and I have an idea for you: Pick up an inexpensive Halloween makeup kit and go to town on your baby’s face.

I started off with a pretty cool idea: I wanted to make Juliza a cheetah, inspired by a gorgeous Facebook friend who posted her awesome Halloween makeup last week.


A lion may have been a little easier, but I knew the spots would be fun and cute. The problem? Toddlers gonna toddler. Which means that getting her not only to sit still, but actually let me make up her face, were going to be challenging. The good thing is that the makeup kit comes with “crayons”, which make drawing shapes infinitely easier than it would’ve been with traditional makeup and brushes. So my solution? I let Juliza draw on my face while I drew on hers. I’ll reveal her masterpiece later.

Baby Cheetah DIY Facepainting

Anyway, all you need is some makeup, and ears, if you’d like to add them.


Beyond that, the process is relatively simple:

Step 1.


Color the bottom third of baby’s nose black.

Step 2.


Fill in the area between baby’s nose and mouth with white makeup. Then draw a black line down the middle from the bottom of the nose to the middle of the upper lip. Add a black line extending from either side of the mouth. You can also try to add “winged” eyeliner, but Juliza wasn’t really having it when I tried to draw so close to her eyes, so I gave up on that.

Step 3.


Draw your spots. These really don’t have to fit any particular pattern, and the shapes don’t even have to be round. Just draw random spots, some round, some oval, some in organic shapes, from the right side of the forehead down onto the cheek and come back around to baby’s mouth. Add more spots on the left cheek, and the forehead, if you’d like. I preferred the look of more spots on one side. Fill in any noticeable gaps with more spots, if necessary.

Step 4.


By this time, Juliza was getting more than a little impatient with me, as evidenced by the look on her face, so thankfully, there wasn’t much left to do. Put small rings of yellow in the middle of each spot, just to give them a little dimension. Then add a couple of black spots on top of the white makeup above baby’s mouth.

That’s it!

I also picked up a fox costume set that included some cute ears because there were no cheetah ears and these were the next best thing. I loved them, and I may just add some black spots on the ears and headband with a fabric marker.


In case you’re worried about cleanup, this makeup is super easy to remove with soap and water, or if you have a fussy baby and need to do it in a hurry, with baby wipes. The only caveat to this easy removal is that baby can rub it off pretty easily too. This is why you see smudged spots on Juliza’s cheek in the last few photos. She kept rubbing her face as I tickled her cheeks with my drawings, so she rubbed a bit of it off.



Still, the final look was super cute! So cute that I may replicate it on myself when we go trick-or-treating this weekend.

And finally, the photo I’ve been avoiding. Remember how I said I let Juliza draw on my face so she’d let me draw on hers. Well, this is the result:


I drew the stuff on my forehead to show her what to do, but the rest is all her. Yay.


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