DIY Felt Owl Halloween Treat Bag

As a parent, I think I enjoy Halloween more than I did as a kid. I genuinely look forward to coming up with costume ideas that fit the interests and personalities of everyone in my family, and I look forward to the crafting that the season brings — generally in the form of DIYing said costumes. But I’d be a bold-faced liar if I didn’t say that I look forward to the candy, too.

Yes. I have a sweet tooth. So as much as the kids love trick-or-treating, I love being able to raid their bags to claim my percentage. You know. It’s that “I took you trick-or-treating tax.” Doesn’t everyone have one of those? No?

Well, the challenge is that inevitably, before we walk out the door on Halloween night, there’s a mad scramble to find a bag to contain all the treats. To avoid that this year, I decided to DIY some treat sacks for my girls when Walmart asked me to share a Halloween project. Here is the result:

DIY Felt Owl Halloween Treat Bag


You’ll Need:


  • Plain canvas bag (preferably black)
  • Felt squares in orange, black, white, green and yellow
  • Scissors & hot glue gun
  • Owl template
  • Optional: Glow in the Dark Duck tape letters & shapes

We considered treat buckets and pails, but we decided that a bag would be easiest to stash when Halloween is over. This black canvas bag only cost us a few bucks and proved to be a great canvas for felt, which I found for just 23 cents a sheet in the Walmart craft department. If you’ve been reading my site for a while, you know that I have a thing for owls. So I decided to create a cute Halloween owl. Download the free printable template here.

The process thereafter is simple: Print the template pages and cut out the shapes. Card stock will give you sturdier stencils, but regular paper works just fine. Pin the template pieces to the felt in the colors indicated (or switch up the colors if you’d like).



Once you have all your pieces, use this image as a template for putting it all together.


Before you start hot glueing, lay out the pieces on top of the bag to make sure everything is centered ad the wings and body ft together the way you’d like.


Next, glue the felt pieces to the bag according to the template.


Easy peasy! You can stop here if you’d like, and you’ll still have a super cute bag. But I wanted to personalize it a bit more. I found some great sheets of glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape letters and shapes and we used them to embellish the owl.


We added my daughter’s name along the corner, and made the owl’s eyes and hat glow. Plus, we gave him some belly feathers. The result is really cute even in the daylight.


But in the dark, it’s still cute — and spooky 🙂


Ja’Naya loves her treat bag, and I imagine it will be around for years to come.

Tomorrow, I’ll share baby Juliza’s DIY treat bag, along with her awesome DIY costume. Don’t miss it!

What about you? What great Halloween projects do you have up your sleeve this year? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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