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When I started blogging way back in 2008, I knew right away that I wanted to do it for the long haul — that I wanted to make a business of it. I never really imagined how much it would change my life over the next several years, and how much I would learn and grow because of it. So when Walmart offered to send me some of the items from The Pioneer Woman’s new collection, exclusively at Walmart, it made me so proud to see another blogger succeed in a way that most of us aspire to.


I’ve been following The Pioneer Woman pretty much since I started blogging. Her photography and storytelling were always amazing, and though I haven’t tried her recipes, she made everything look so, so good! Fast forward years later, and she has a cooking show and is more popular than ever. And now, all of us can have a little bit of Ree Drummond’s magic in our own homes.

The Pioneer Woman collection features cookware, dinnerware and serving pieces.

First, let’s talk about these designs. I love a little color in my kitchen, and I love all the turquoise pieces!


The huge mason jar mug is already a favorite, and I can’t wait to make a sundae in the ice cream bowl. Normally, a cow-shaped creamer would be a little too country for my tastes, but the bright pop of color makes it a great fit for my more modern sensibilities.

The dinnerware is all handmade, and great quality. The plates are heavy and sturdy, and more importantly, they’re dishwasher safe.



Plus, the colors and patterns in the collection are designed to mix and match with each other for an eclectic look.

The cookware is great quality as well. I received the Speckle 2-pack nonstick frying pan set, and let me tell you, the pans are truly nonstick.



As in, not even scrambled eggs will stick. Having used these, I now have my eye on the cast-iron dutch oven, which would make a great addition to our kitchen.

Overall, I’m really impressed, and not just because I feel like I “know” The Pioneer Woman as a fellow blogger who I’ve been following for so long. The quality of the collection is really great, and the prices are affordable.

You can find the collection in Walmart stores and at through the end of the year, though some of the more popular pieces are already sold out online.


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