Curly Styling with Just for Me Hair Milk

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The last time I wrote about Just for Me’s new line of Hair Milk products for naturally curly hair, I had just finished washing and detangling baby Juliza’s hair.


Since then, I’ve washed her hair a couple of times, and I am an still in awe of how easy detangling has become since we’ve started the Just For Me products. But after all that is done, I still have to do something with her hair. So I was happy to learn that the line also includes styling products: Curl Smoother, Curl Perfecter, and Smoothing Edges Creme.


I’ll be honest: I don’t usually do much “styling” of her hair. Most wash days, I just twist it in the tub with a little product, right when I’m done detangling. In part, this is because it’s easier to keep her occupied with bath toys and water splashing, but it’s also because I just like the idea of letting her hair be. I’d untwist it after a couple days, then start the process again when we washed. But lately, I’ve been doing more to style her hair. My dexterity with regard to cornrows is shamefully questionable, but I can twist like nobody’s business!

So this time, while I was washing, I separated her hair into five sections for styling later. Of course, I was right in assuming Juliza, a.k.a. Hurricane JuJu, would never sit still for me to comb her hair, so I just waited her to fall asleep before I got started.


The first product in the lineup was the Curl Smoother. It’s a moisturizing product designed to help control frizz and define curls. It’s really lightweight and the directions indicate it should be used on damp hair. I smoothed it throughtout each section of hair before I styled it. It doesn’t have any hold, but it definitely helped my daughter’s hair feel bouncy and well-moisturized. I can imagine I’ll use this a lot when we need to do a quick wash-n-go.

For styling defined styles though, I prefer something a little thicker. The second product, Curl Perfecter, is perfect for that purpose. It has a much thicker consistency (it feels as thick as Elmer’s school glue, but without the stickiness), and it is designed to elongate and define curls.

With Juliza asleep, I styled her hair in 4 cute ponytails with two twists at the end of each, and mini twist bangs in the front.


I used the Curl Perfecter to smooth the ponytails as I was pulling them up, and then for a nice hold for each twist. I have no doubt that I never would’ve been able to do this if she were awake O__o

Finally, I had to do something about her edges. Juliza has a lot of thick, curly hair, but her hair is thin at the edges. This is depite the fact that I almost never pull her hair back. Even headbands are always worn loosely, and only for  short time. So when I secured the ponytails, I was sure to do it loosely so there would be very little tension on her edges. As a result, they looked less than smooth:


I used a little bit of the Edge Smoother to help lay them down. This product is definitely in the gel family, and it has a stiff consistency. A little bit goes a long way. 

Over the long weekend, I’ll likely take out the twist so JuJu can rock some afro puffs and curly bangs, kinda like this:


When I do, I’ll use the some detangling spray and Curl Smoother to keep her hair moisturized and bouncy.

But check out the final result, when my little Hurricane woke up:


Cute, no?

My only complaint is that I wish the packaging for the Curl Smoother and Curl Perfecter were more different from one another. The bottles look almost exactly the same, and I picked up the wrong bottle on more than one occasion while I was combing my hair I didn’t realize my error until I’d already squeezed some produst into my hand. Even the names are so similar that the only way to know for sure I’d picked up the right one was to read the description on the back. This could also lead to confusion for shoppers. If I were seeing these on the shelf for the first time, I honestly would have a hard time figuring out which one to buy. I needs to be more obvious that the Perfecter is the defining styling product, while the Smoother is better for adding moisture.

Still, overall, I really, really like these products, and considering that they are available at Walmart at about $5 apiece, there are a couple that I will absolutely keep using.

Take the 5-Finger Test

I love the fact that using the Just for Me Curl Milk products has made it not only possible, but easy, to run my fingers through Juliza’s curls.  But you can take the #5FingerChallenge too. Try the Just for Me detangling products, and make a video of you running your five fingers through your kids’ hair (or have them do it themselves) to complete the ‘challenge.’ Post it on your favorite social network with the #5FingerChallenge hashtag and tag your friends so they can join too.

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