Child of Mine by Carter’s Makes Quality Affordable

There are a few brands that are staples when I’m shopping for my kids. They’re the brands that I know I can trust to deliver great quality and great style, over and over again. The same is true when I’m buying clothes for them. I tend to shop the same brands repeatedly because I know that I’m going to get my money’s worth. Carter’s is one of those brands. Their clothes are soft and silky smooth, super comfortable for Juliza, and I know they’ll last through rough toddler play and repeated washing.

That’s why I love the fact that Walmart’s Child of Mine clothing brand is actually by Carter’s. So we can get the same quality and style without breaking our pockets. When they asked me to review a couple of pieces from the brand, it took me about half a second to accept.

This is the main brand I shop when I’m buying clothes for Juliza at Walmart, because I trust the fit to be right, the fabric to be soft against her skin, and the price to be an amazing value. Plus, let’s face it, their stuff is just super cute, and there’s usually a lot of it to choose from.

This time Juliza got pajamas and a tunic/leggings set, and of course, she did the rest by being super cute in them. First, the pajamas:



Footed pajamas are a staple around here, because it’s not safe for infants to sleep with a loose blanket. She’s now old enough to do that, but she’s already used to all-in-ones, so we’ve continued to buy them. I LOVE the owl print this outfit, and it is super duper soft! Really. I kept rubbing it against my face just to feel the warmth and comfort.



My only complaint is that the hole at the end of the sleeves was a little small, so it took a little pulling to get her hands through. Still, they weren’t tight on her wrists once it was on, so that’s a small issue. She’s already slept in these, and they kept her sufficiently warm and were not itchy at all — which can be the case with some pajamas.




The next outfit will be a great addition to her fall/winter wardrobe, though it’s still too hot in Georgia to wear now. This Child of Mine set features a great floral print tunic and denim-look leggings. I love this type of outfit because I can throw them on without too much thought, and she still looks put together.



Just so you can see how the clothing moves, check out this video review:

Everything is loose enough to allow her to run around. Because toddlers gonna toddle, amirite?

When she looks this cute doing it, I really can’t complain.

Honestly though, I love Child of Mine and buy from the line all the time. It’s a great way to cash in on Carter’s quality without spending too much. You can find tons of option in Walmart stores and even more at Child of Mine by Carter’s at

So what about you? What are your favorite clothing brands for your kids? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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