Back to School: DIY Duck Tape Binder Pouch

It’s the end of August, and my daughter is already in her fourth week of school. That’s crazy to me, given that I still remember the days when we headed back to school after Labor Day. Of course, that also meant summer didn’t start until June, instead of May, but it’s still strange to be sending her back to school in early August. Still, this time of year means shopping for all things Back to School at Walmart. Since she’s been in school for a few weeks, we’d shopped for most of her basic supplies at Walmart, because we were able to get everything she needed — from boxes of tissue, copy paper and hand sanitizer to basic pencils, notebooks and glue sticks — without spending too much. So when Walmart asked me to share a Back to School story, we decided to share how we’ve filled a gap in our supplies.

This year, my daughter has to carry binders for several of her classes. And because she is in accelerated classes for every subject, she has four different teachers in four different classrooms, with different needs for each class. Which means she’d remember to grab her binder for each class, but sometimes forget other items, like pencils, pens, rulers, extra supplies, etc. So she decided to make pouches to go inside her three-ring binders, and came up with the idea all on her own.

DIY Duck Tape Binder Pouch


You’ll Need:


The first step is pretty simple. Cover the entire Ziploc bag with Duck tape in whatever pattern you choose. Ja’Naya chose to do a strip of gold in the middle, with floral tape on either side of it. You may need to overlap the tape on the bottom or sides of the bag. This is perfectly OK.



If you have a large binder, you may be able to skip the next step. However, the gallon-size bag was just a little bit too large to fit inside the binder properly. So Ja’Naya used a sheet of notebook paper as a template for the size of the pouch. Simply trim around the sides and bottom of the bag to make the the size you want.


Once trimmed, you’ll need to use tape to then close the sides and bottom of the bag once more. Ja’Naya used gold tape to create a cute edge trim that also served to close the bag.



The next step also has two options. If you have access to a hole punch, you can simply punch three holes on the left side of the pouch and slip it into your binder. We couldn’t find our hole punch, so Ja’Naya came up with a creative solution: She used loops of ribbon to attach it to the rings.

Cut three pieces of ribbon 5-6″ long. The ribbon should be narrow so that it slides on the rings easily. Tie a piece of ribbon around each ring. Use a double knot, but not so tightly that the ribbon won’t slide.


Lay the edge of the pouch to the left of the ribbon. Then, simply cut a piece of tape large enough to cover the ribbon, and secure the loose end to the back of the pouch. The tape is really strong and should hold without any other reinforcement, but feel free to add more tape if you’d like.



The last step is, again, optional. Ja’Naya wanted to add a place where she could easily put pencils and pens on the outside of the pouch for easy access.

Simply cut a 1″ strip of tape and fold it in half. Cut another 1″ strip of tape and cut it in half. Use each of those pieces to secure the folded strip to the front of the pouch, with one on either end, like this:




You can add as many of these to the front as you’d like. Ja’Naya chose to add 2: One for a pen and one for a pencil. This way, she can grab them quickly without opening the pouch.


That’s it! You’re done!

The pouch is large enough to hold everything from markers to library books, and it will keep them secure and dry. Which is more than I can say for a lot of the other things in her binders when she forgets to close her water bottle before she puts it back in her bag O__O


So what about you? What creative methods are you using to start the school year? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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