Just for Me Makes Wash Day So Much Easier

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Can I be honest for a second? I love my and my girls’ natural hair, but I hate wash day. There. I said it. My older daughter and I have a LOT of hair, which means hours spent washing, conditioning, detangling and styling on wash day. The baby’s hair is less of chore, except for the fact that she hates getting her face wet. With her, wash day devolves into a struggle to let me rinse her hair. Woosah.


All that to say that I’m all about products that can make the process easier for all of us. So when I got the opportunity to try the new Hair Milk products by Just for Me, designed especially for kids with naturally curly hair, I was more than willing to give it a shot.

The products are available at Walmart at$5.49 apiece, and I received five of them to try:

  • Pre-Wash Softening Detangler
  • Moistursoftâ„¢ Sulfate-Free Cleanser
  • Silkening Conditioner
  • Hydrate & Protect Leave-in Conditioner
  • Leave-In Detangler


It may not be super easy to tell from the photo above, but Juliza’s hair tends to get drier and drier the further we get from wash day. So by the time we go to wash again, it’s usually pretty tangled, even with daily attempts to add a little moisture. With that in mind, I was most intrigued by Just for Me’s Pre-Wash Softening Detangler.


The directions told me to apply the creamy mixture to her hair from root to tip, then comb through it to release tangles. It is rare for me to comb Juliza’s hair unless it’s sopping wet, so I was a little skeptical. But as soon as I added it to her hair, I immediately felt it getting softer and easier to manage. I was actually able to finger detangle it before getting in the tub. I never would’ve been able to do that dry. Ever.


Next in the lineup was the Moistursoft™ Sulfate-Free Cleanser, a shampoo. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I used shampoo in her hair. I usually just wash and massage her scalp with water and conditioner, mostly because many shampoos tend to strip natural hair and leave it feeling dry and straw-like. This product built up to a good lather, but it was not drying at all. On the contrary, after using it, her hair was really, really soft to the touch.

You may notice the boat and water toys in a few of these photos. This is the other reason I only comb Juliza’s hair wet. In the tub, while she’s contained and entertained with her toys, I can detangle and manage her hair without much resistance. The same is not true otherwise. When I try to comb her hair, while she’s awake in…say…the living room, it devolves into me trying to catch her when she inevitably takes off. This system is less stressful for both of us. But mostly for me 🙂


Anyway, next, I rubbed the Silkening Conditioner through her hair. It was already soft and silky after the other two products, so I probably didn’t need to use as much as I did. I let it sit while I bathed her, then rinsed it and moved onto the next step.


I like to twist JuJu’s hair in the tub. So I added the leave in conditioner and started parting her hair into sections that I could detangle and twist. First things first, her hair was SO soft that parting was incredibly easy. Usually when I wash her hair, parting can be a challenge because of the tangles. By this point in the process, there was very little resistance. I was shocked by how easy the wide tooth comb worked through her hair, and I finished parting, detangling and twisting in a lot less time than it usually takes. Really.


This was honestly the easiest wash session I can remember. Next time, I’ll probably use just the leave-in conditioner instead of both so I can avoid having to rinse her hair so many times (and get her face wet O__0). Still, overall, the process of dealing with her hair was absolutely painless.

Juliza was so relaxed afterward that she almost fell asleep when I was getting her dressed.



I really, really like the way these products work, and the pre-wash softening detangler is quite possibly the best thing ever. Next, I’m going to try the products on Ja’Naya’s much longer, thicker and often much more tangled hair and hope for similar results. My only gripe is that the ingredients aren’t as natural as I would like. The products are free of dyes, synthetic color and paraffin, and they contain shea butter, soy milk and honey, but they also contain a couple of other unpronounceable ingredients that I’ll need to do a little research on. Still, the results can’t be denied: Juliza’s hair was soft and manageable in a way that it usually isn’t, and that made washing and styling infinitely easier.

Speaking of which…

Take the 5-Finger Test

Finger detangling Juliza’s hair is something I don’t attempt often, because her constant dryness would make that painful. However, after using these products, I’ve been running my fingers through her curls nonstop, and the tangles are almost nonexistent.

You can take the #5FingerChallenge too. Try the Just for Me detangling products, and make a video of you running your five fingers through your kids’ hair (or have them do it themselves) to complete the ‘challenge.’ Post it on your favorite social network with the #5FingerChallenge hashtag and tag your friends so they can join too.

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