Finding the #UnscriptedBeauty in Life with AVEENO

Disclosure: I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for AVEENO. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

It’s crazy the difference two years can make. Before baby Juliza was born, I’d say we were a pretty laid back family. With two parents who worked from home, there was always a helping hand, and with one child, things were relatively quiet and…well…easy. Fast forward to today, with a very rambunctious, free-spirited 17-month-old added to our family, and things are markedly different. When I’m pulling her out from under the dining table, catching her as she tries to climb over the back of the sofa, or getting her unstuck from behind the shelf for the hundredth time, I have to remind myself to be patient with her.

So I really have to relish the beautiful, unexpected moments when she and my other daughter and husband remind me what life is really about, and how to see the beauty in it even in the midst of some chaos. So when AVEENO asked me to share how I embrace those moments, I was only too happy to oblige.

For me, #UnscriptedBeauty is about cherishing the fact that I am baby Juliza’s favorite place to fall asleep, even if that means I can’t get anything done during her naps:


It is about cherishing the special, perfect bond between my two little girls, even when one of them is sick:


It’s about a short ride on the carousel at the mall, and somehow managing to get a photo of all three of us:


It is a reminder that even though Juliza looks so much like her dad, she is still my heart walking around outside my body and makes up for not looking like me by clinging to me all day, every day:


So what about you? Do you ever stop to cherish those fleeting moments throughout your day that really make life beautiful? If you do, sharing them could make you a winner.

To enter AVEENO’s #UnscriptedBeauty contest, share photos of the authentic Unscripted Beauty in your life throughout June, and post your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtags #AVEENO, #UnscriptedBeauty, and #Contest. In Facebook posts, be sure to tag @AVEENO . In July, one winner will be selected to receive a photo-shoot from acclaimed photographer, Danielle Guenther, along with AVEENO products. Sounds like a great reason to celebrate the little things!

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