6 Weeks of Schwarzkopf: My Favorite Product

Whew! For the past six weeks, I’ve used six different Schwarzkopf hair products, and I have to say — this is the most attention I’ve paid to my hair in a long time 🙂 When Walmart asked me to try the products for such a long stretch, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Because — as I’ve said time and time again — I’m particular about my hair, and my hair likes what it likes.

Well, as it turns out, my hair actually likes these products. One in particular is my absolute favorite and will become a part of my regular hair care routine. Check out the video to see which one I liked best:

In case you didn’t — or couldn’t — watch the video, my favorite product of the group, by far, was the Schwarzkopf wax powder.


It’s a product I never knew I needed, but now will use all the time. It lays my edges down perfectly. Every. Time. Like it did today:


It does tend to build up a bit, so it requires washing my hair after I use it for a few days, but I’m usually using it when wash day is approaching anyway.

My other favorite product is the hair beautifier/repairing cream, which is light enough to use every day, and really has helped my hair retain moisture.


Some of the other products, like the shampoo and conditioner and curl defining cream, get a “no” from me just because I can’t tolerate the smell. Too perfumey and artificial for my tastes, and I can’t walk around hating the smell of my own hair. Otherwise though, they were really effective. The other products just don’t really have a place in my hair care routine. I’d almost never use them.

Still, at the end of this, I’m pleasantly surprised to have found a few products that I’ll keep using, and that any of them worked on my hair at all. I can honestly say I’m glad I did this.


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