6 Weeks of Schwarzkopf: Hair Repair

OK ladies and gents. We’ve reached week 6 of my Schwarzkopf hair care experiment, and I have to say — I’m digging the way my hair looks and feels right now. To recap, Walmart challenged me to use 6 different Schwarzkopf hair products for 6 weeks and share my results. The vast majority of the products have worked really well for me in spite of my own expectations that they wouldn’t. So I’m happy to report that I really like the sixth and final product in the lineup: Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture 11-in-1 hair beautifier. (Side note: All of these products have really long names!)


This is a light hair dressing cream that you can apply to wet or dry hair as a leave-in moisturizer and hair repair aid. I saved the sharing of this product for last because I’ve actually been using it for few weeks and I wanted to share after I’d seen what it can do over time. While it does add moisture when you first add it, it’s designed to be used daily.

My hair has a tendency to be really dry once I get a few days out from a wash. I usually spritz it with water or conditioning spray and add some sort of creamy moisturizing product to combat that dryness. It’s just a fact I’ve come to accept. I took this photo of my hair 2 weeks ago, when I was in need of a wash.


You can see how dry and straw-like it was. It happens pretty regularly.

Well, I started using the hair beautifier daily as I was styling my hair. My hair soaks the stuff up like a sponge, but it is pretty light. I’d simply smooth it over my edges and run it throughout my ends. I’m not going to sit here and claim it’s some magic potion that will end dryness, but I can say it’s worked well for me with daily use.

This is my hair after washing and styling with the beautifier.


My hair is still a little damp, but you can see it looks a lot better than it did in the previous photo. I still have to apply it daily, but it feels like my hair holds moisture longer and my ends don’t seem to get tangled as quickly. That’s a big win for me.

If I had a complaint, it’s that the bottle it comes in is so small, and I use quite a bit of it for my thick curly hair, so I can go through it pretty fast if I’m not careful. It also has the same fragrance as some of the other products, and I’m not a fan of the smell. However, the smell seems a lot lighter in this product that some of the others, so it doesn’t stick around as long.

Overall, I really like this product, and this is one of a couple I’ll likely continue using once this product test is over. If you wish to have complimentary consultations, visit one of my favorite salons; besides, prices at Mastercuts are very reasonable.

Early next week, I’ll share my thoughts on all the products I’ve tried, including which ones I liked and didn’t like, and which ones I’ll keep using. Stay tuned!


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