Kid Style: It’s Summer!

It’s finally here! My oldest daughter is out of school, and baby Juliza is — well — being baby Juliza. But finally, the days have come when the kids can sleep late in the morning and stay up late at night, and we can spend afternoons lounging at the park. The challenge? Well, both Ja’Naya and baby Juliza have grown at a pace I could not have predicted, which means that their summer wardrobes are a bit lacking. So when Walmart challenged me to find some summer gear for them under $30, I couldn’t wait to see what great, inexpensive goodies I would find.

Of course, there’s the cute factor too. 🙂



“Dressing” Up

For my family, summertime is all about doing things the easy way. For me, that means wearing maxi dresses that let me look put together without much effort. For my girls, that means cute sundresses they can throw on with some flip flops.

For Juliza, I grabbed this lightweight Healthtex striped dress with awesome contrast detailing around the waist. At just $4.97, it was too affordable and too cute to pass up. Plus, just look at her in it!



The back has a cute bow detail and a cutout that shows off her little baby rolls. Swoon!


Ja’Naya picked out this pattern-mixed, bow back dress from Faded Glory for $9.97, but there were tons of cute options to choose from.



I love the stripes on the bodice and the floral pattern under the tulle skirt. Super cute!

Now that she’s almost sized out of kids’ clothes, it can be tough to find clothes that fit her properly, but I can usually count on Walmart’s 14-16 sizing to fit well.

Swim Time

Warning: The images you are about to see may render you senseless due to extreme cuteness.



See. I did warn you.

There were so many cute baby swimsuits that I wanted to bring home, but come on. Was there ever really a competition when this tulle skirted one-piece from OP was among the options? Just. Had. To. Have. It.

Juliza spent a solid 30 minutes twirling around the room in this swimsuit. It took more than 100 photos for me to get a couple where she was standing still enough for me to use. Most of them looked like this:



SMH. The girl is a bundle of personality.

Ja’Naya chose a great OP crochet-style tankini in bright neon colors. I love the fact that the tankini top is long enough to skim the bottom, making it look like a one piece.



She loves the fact that it is a two-piece, which she says are more comfortable. She’s probably going to spend half the summer like this:


Given that she’s constantly upside down, I’m not sure how wise this choice was, but we absolutely love the styling. And we really can’t complain about the price: Like Juliza’s, this one was just $8.97. We could likely outfit the whole family — including my hubby and I — with swimwear for less than $60.

Something for Mommy?

I admit I left the store feeling a little jealous. I’m still carrying post-baby/breastfeeding weight, and my own summer closet is a bit sparse. I love the red maxi dress I bought last month, but I’m planning to head back for more, because there are a bunch of new styles available since then. I also need a new swimsuit, and the mix and match swimwear shop at has already got my eye on a few options. Mama wants to go to the pool in style too. And with the right swimsuit, we just might make room for a trip to the beach this summer.

What about you? Are you and your family stocking up on new summer clothes? What are some of the first things you look for?


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