6 Weeks of Schwarzkopf: Biotin Hair Spray

Hairspray is not a product I typically buy. In fact, I can’t really remember the last time I’ve owned any — or at least not your typical hairspray. I usually buy moisturizing sprays with water as the first ingredient and a variety of oils and other goodies that give my hair some extra bounce and hydrate it. So when I realized hair spray was one of the Schwarzkopf products I was going to be using, courtesy of Walmart, I admit it gave me pause. I had no idea how or when I’d use it.


But it really shouldn’t have been so complicated. Hair spray is designed to offer hold, and Schwarzkopf’s Styliste Ultime Biotin Volume & Texture Hair Spray is no different. While I usually don’t style my hair in any ways that require the stiff hold hair spray provides, there was one style I thought it might help me with: My topknot.

Really, with natural hair, it’s more of a twisted bun. You see, when I pull my hair up, like I did last week when I used the wax powder, it usually looks like this:


It’s just a big puff, usually the back end of a twistout that is no longer defined enough to loose. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE my high puff. In fact, it is probably the style I wear most often. But sometimes I want something a little more…well…tame. So I twist all of that into a bun.

I know. You’re probably wondering how the heck that happens. Well, first, I separate my puff into 5-6 sections, add some moisturizing spray and a little curl defining cream, stretch as much as possible and twist. The twists are far from perfect, but they get the job done — even if look like a spider afterward.


Finally, I wrap each of those twists around the base of the puff, securing with bobby pins. A LOT of bobby pins. And this is where the spray comes in. Because my hair is so curly, the bun is usually really highly textured, and fly-aways happen almost as quickly as I can get it pinned up. So I coated the topknot and surrounding hair with spray to keep all of that in check.


I have to say, the hair spray did it’s job, and well. Throughout the day, my bun stayed in place, and fly-aways were minimal. Those were probably because I didn’t use a lot of spray.

However, even though I used a little bit of spray, it still had a bit of a “crunch”, which is what usually makes me wary of hair sprays in general. Plus — you know — the whole aerosol thing. So though the spray did what it was supposed to, I can’t imagine I’ll be using this very often. It’s just not really a product I want or need to add to my regimen.


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