6 Weeks of Schwarzkopf: Wax Powder

I’ve been using Schwazkopf’s hair products for three weeks now courtesy of Walmart, and I admit that I was a bit worried this week. Using the shampoo and conditioner, and the curl defining cream were pretty straightforward, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the next product: Styliste Ultime Wax Powder.


My first thought was “Why the heck would I want to put powder in my hair.” Then, “Will this even work for tightly curly hair.” As it turn out, it has been perfect for a specific purpose: Taming my edges.

When we last left off, I shared with you how I had achieved this awesome (but slightly frizzy) twist-out with Schwarzkopf curl-defining cream:


Well, my typical hair styling process involves pulling my hair into a “pineapple” with a satin scarf every night to preserve my style for as long as possible. That’s usually about a week. This time, I got 5 days out of the twist-out before I moved to my next step: Pulling it into a high puff until wash day.

The challenge is that my curly rarely go into a puff willingly. It takes a little wrangling. So I start like this, with a ponytail holder loosely holding my ends together:


Gorgeous, right? Don’t worry. It’s OK if you say no ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I spray my hair with a bit of water and use a little curl defining cream to add some moisture so I can brush the front, sides and back up, and then I secure the bun with a shoestring. Yes. A shoestring. But with just the curl defining cream, my edges are never quite smooth, and I always have fly-aways. Wax powder to the rescue!

It is designed to control frizz, offer light hold and protect the hair from humidity. First, you shake a little powder into your hand:


You rub it around with your fingers, and it turns into a sort of creamy paste:


It took a few tries before I figured out how much to use. In my experience, it is best to use a little at a time, because the paste isn’t slippery-creamy. It’s more waxy-creamy, so you won’t get a lot of movement out of it once it’s rubbed. Anyway, I smoothes a little of it on my edges all the way around my hairline, and let me tell you รขโ‚ฌโ€ my edges were LAIDT!

If you’re not familiar, that means they laid down perfectly smooth. It’s hard to show in a photo, but I’ll try.


Seriously, they held really well and stayed put all day. That last detail is the clincher, because many products will work for a little while after I apply them, but lose effectiveness as time goes on. This really worked all day, and I will absolutely be continuing to use it to tame my edges. Of the four products I’ve tried thus far, this is my hands down favorite, and I’ll be heading to Walmart to pick up another one as soon as this one is done.

This has got me excited to move onto next week’s product.


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