Outfit: It’s Maxi Dress Season!

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I’m Wearing: Faded Glory belted maxi dress, $12.94 | Faded Glory sweater shrug, $12.94


I admit it. Winter puts me into a lull that makes me lazy and less likely to get up and get dressed up for photos. This is especially true because I work from home, and therefore do not have to get up and get dressed. Which leads to months on end spent in leggings and t-shirts because I can.

But — thank God — warmer weather is the cure for my frumpy-itis. Because warm weather means I don’t have to wear a million layers to stay warm and I can wear breezy fabrics and get some sun on my skin. And it means I can pull out my maxi dresses — possibly the easiest way to look like I put in an effort without actually — you know — putting in an effort. So when Walmart challenged me to share how I’m updating my wardrobe for spring and summer, I knew I had to find a new maxi.



The great news? Walmart has tons of maxi dresses to choose from. Patterns, solids, chiffon, cotton, spaghetti straps, wider tops and more. I chose this red beauty first because the belt caught my eye, but next because it makes me feel like a beautiful Senorita. The tiered skirt gives it life and movement, and it just feels great brushing against my skin in the breeze — and there has been a LOT of that in Georgia lately. Case in point:


Typically, I hate shrugs. And that hasn’t really changed, but I needed a light layer for the morning and evening chill that still hangs in the air and probably will until we get into May. Once we get there, I can just ditch the shrug and rock the dress alone. Anyway, this one has a bit of stretch in the sleeves and the hem sits in just the right place.

I really think I need this in a few more colors. Just in case there’s week when I want to wear one every day. And that is a very distinct possibility. At Just $12.94, I really can afford to do just that.

What about you? Do you love maxi dresses as much as I do? What’s your favorite way to transition from spring to summer?


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