Kid Style: #SpringIntoCarters

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It finally feels like spring is here to stay. The afternoons are getting warmer and warmer, and we rarely need our winter coats when we leave the house. Light layers work just fine. Except, baby Juliza wasn’t really ready for the warmer weather. All the clothes that can fit her had long sleeves or heavy fabrics, or they’re too big to fit her just yet. So when I got an opportunity to check out Carter’s spring collection, I couldn’t wait to update her wardrobe.

Trust that I was not disappointed!

Of all the baby brands we’ve used, Carter’s is by far one of my favorites. The fabrics are soft and supple, with great quality that lasts through Juliza’s rigorous “testing” and washing. Plus, the styles are always cute. Case in point:

Outfit 1: Denim Moto Jacket & Jeans

How freaking cute is this?



There was no way I was walking out of the store without this jacket. This is just too adorable for words. A baby in a motorcycle jacket? It’s just too much cute! She broke the cute-o-meter!



Seriously though, the jacket is super soft and comfortable, and I can’t wait to find a million ways for her to wear it. The jeans have an elastic waist, which is my preference, because snap or button closures tend to fit Juliza too tightly. The striped shirt was the perfect complement to the jacket, though it skews a little nautical.


Finally, we grabbed a pair of white mary jane style shoes with big flowers in front that can go with almost anything. Including…

Outfit 2: Easter Dress & Sweater

Easter Sunday is coming this weekend, and JuJu didn’t have a dress. Gasp! Problem solved though…



There were a ton of bright, beautifully girly, frilly dresses to choose from. So many that I had a really hard time picking one. My older daughter actually chose this one because I couldn’t decide. I love the yellow and white stripes, and the blue ribbon waist is the perfect touch. To complement it, we picked up a cardigan, since there is still a bit of a chill in the air.


I realized when we got home that I also should’ve grabbed some tights to keep her legs warm, so I’ll have to head back. Still, the look is gorgeous even without them. And just because my child knows how to melt my heart, right as we were finishing up these photos, she goes and does this…


This is one of her favorite stuffed animals, and she grabbed it and hugged it because she knew how cute it would be. OK. Maybe she was just playing. Still, she officially killed the cute-o-meter.

Outfit 3: Swimsuit

Then she revived it and killed it again.



Now it’s dead. That cute-o-meter didn’t stand a chance.

Last summer, Juliza had a couple of two-piece swimsuits, but this year, I knew I wanted a one-piece because she’s at the stage when she’s figuring out how to take her clothes off. I’ll miss the ease of changing her diaper in a tankini, but this sailboat-themed one-piece looks so great on her that I’ll get over it.

They didn’t have the coordinating sandals in her size, and I wanted to grab sunglasses and a hat, but I knew she wouldn’t keep them on longer than 2 seconds. Still, I’m glad to see there were lots of coordinating pieces — even towels.


Now, I’m officially itching for a trip to the beach.

In addition to these great outfits, we picked up some spring color onesies and another two-piece outfit, but Juliza had had it with the photos, so I’ll just show you our entire haul.


She’s definitely ready for spring now!

If you need to outfit your kids for the warmer weather too, you’re in luck! This coupon gets you 20% off any purchase of $40 or more, so be sure to print it out before you go shopping.


Plus, through April 5, Carter’s is offering 50% off the entire store! That’s how we managed to get our entire haul for right at $100. It’s a great time to stock up without spending too much, plus there are tees and shorts doorbusters for $5-8.

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