Chinese New Year DIY: Year of the Sheep Headband

One of the things my husband and I are trying to get better at doing is exposing our girls to other cultures and their traditions, because we want them to appreciate that customs and traditions are what make people special and amazing. When Walmart challenged me to share a Chinese New Year story, I thought this would be a great time to introduce my daughters to this tradition in an interactive way.


Each Chinese New Year is represented by an animal or animals. 2015 is represented by the sheep or goat. In celebration of that, we made a simple, DIY sheep headband with a couple of simple materials you can find at Walmart.


You’ll Need:

This is a pretty easy project to complete, but the result is super, super cute. Start by cutting a loose oval shape from white felt. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shape. I’d say mine was about 5 inches wide, but you can make yours smaller if you want the ears to end up closer together in the end.


Glue cotton balls to the felt to cover the whole shape, packing the cotton close together. You’ll want to overlap a bit around the edges so that the felt is invisible from the top.


Next, you’ll want to glue the cotton-covered felt to the center of the headband. The headband has a curved shape, so even if you put the cotton balls close to each other, you may still end up with a few gaps:


Just add a little hot glue in the gaps and add a smallish piece of cotton to fill the spaces.

The ears are up next. Lay a piece of white felt on top of a piece of pink/purple felt and fold it in half. You should have a total of four layers. Cut out an “ear” shape through all the layers at once. I think of it as a teardrop shape with a flat bottom.

Trim a little bit from around the edges of the pink/purple shapes, since they’ll act as the “inside” of the ears. Glue a purple shape to the center of each white shape so that there’s white trim showing around all the edges.


Finally, you’ll need to glue the ears to the headband on either side of the cotton-covered felt. Glue the ear to the middle of the headband via a narrow strip of glue. Then glue two pieces of cotton in front of the ears, and two pieces behind. This will let the ears stand up straight.


Tada! You’re done!


Because my first piece of felt was so wide, the ears wound up being set pretty wide apart. If you want your closer together, start with a smaller piece of felt. My little sheep wasn’t complaining, though. She was too busy being cute!


I’m really tempted to make the rest of this costume, just because. How cute would that be?

So what about you? How do you celebrate the Chinese New Year?


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