Baby Footprint DIY Valentine’s Cards


These days, baby Juliza is very lovey dovey. She loves to randomly walk up to my hubby and I and hug our legs, or bellies, or necks, or whatever is in reach at the moment. She loves giving kisses too, though we have to work on her technique. So when Walmart challenged me to share a Valentine’s Day craft project, she was my inspiration.

If you have a baby at home, this is a great interactive project that will also deliver a great keepsake for family members and friends, and you can get everything you need at Walmart for about the cost of a few pre-made cards.

DIY Baby Footprint Valentine’s Day Cards


You’ll Need:

I spend a surprising amount of time playing with Juliza’s feet. Maybe because she likes to put them in my face while nursing, or maybe because I’m a mom who’s just obsessed with her baby’s feet. Either way, when I was considering what Valentine’s craft I could do this year, I kept thinking that putting her feet together would look like a heart. And so, this idea was born.

The execution of this card is really simple. I started by creating a basic template for the front of the card, cheesy phrase and all:


Click here to download the PDF template

I used Avery half-fold greeting cards because they’re already perforated and fold easily, but you really could just use card stock to print the template. Fold the card in half, and you’re ready for the next step.

Remember above, when I said you’ll need a “willing” baby? *By “willing”, I mean a baby you can strap into a high chair or other contraption so they won’t get paint all over the floor. Or one who’s too little to get around on her own.


So, I strapped JuJu into her high chair and proceeded to paint the bottom of her feet.


I considered dipping her feet in paint, but I thought that would be drippy and messy and…just no. Painting with a brush is a lot less messy and lets you make sure you cover the entire bottom of baby’s foot. Just be sure to use craft paint, because it will wash right off with soap and water.

Once the bottom of the foot is covered, simply press baby’s foot on the paper under the phrase on the front of the card.


You’ll need to hold baby’s foot slightly diagonal. The toes on the left foot will point a bit to the left, and the toes on the right foot will point a bit to the right. The idea is that the heels will meet to create the bottom of the heart.


Be sure to put slight pressure on the entire foot, from heel to toes, so you get a good footprint. There will be blank spots, especially if your baby still likes to curl her toes like mine does, but the imperfect nature of this is what makes it so…well…perfect.


Really, this took 15 minutes, including cleanup, but it is such an awesome keepsake that I don’t know if we’ll be able to part with it to give it to anyone. Maybe we’ll give it to the hubby so I can still admire it from time to time. Or I can just keep playing with Juliza’s feet until she’s old enough to stop me 🙂


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