You Better Believe That #GirlsCan

Want to see my mama bear come roaring out? Tell either of my girls that they can’t do something. Better yet, tell them that the reason they can’t do it is because they’re girls. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

As you might imagine, that kind of talk doesn’t go well around these parts. Not even a little. I tend to shut down gender-based expectations and objections in a hurry, because I never want to teach my girls that being girls is a hurdle to overcome. Rather, I want them to understand that being girls — becoming women — is a part of their identity, but not the entirety of it. That while there are unique challenges they may face because of their gender, those challenges can be overcome. I want them to know that they can be beautiful and intelligent as well as strong and capable. Period.


So needless to say, when Walmart asked me to share the COVERGIRL #GirlsCan campaign, I didn’t hesitate. The campaign is about empowerment and encouraging girls to turn every “can’t” into a “can.” Sounds tailor made for my girls and I.

I was fortunate to have grown up with a strong mother and two older sisters, and as a result, I never received the message that I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. In fact, it was expected that I would do great things, and I was fully encouraged to be who I wanted to be. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many other girls shut down when they wanted to accomplish something, discouraged because “girls don’t do that.” It’s sexism, plain and simple, and it shouldn’t fly in this day and age. This campaign is turning this outdated concept on its head.

How can you support #GirlsCan? Well, first you can teach your daughters to be fearless and empowered and encourage all the girls and women around you to do the same. Share your stories of empowerment online with the #GirlsCan hashtag. But you can also purchase specially marked packs of Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara and Pro Mascara from the #GirlsCan tower at your local Walmart.


Covergirl and Walmart will each donate $50,000 each to Dress for Success to help empower women. Dress for Success® is an international non-profit that provides disadvantaged women with professional clothing, a network of support along with career development assistance. All of this is designed to promote economic independence so they can not just survive, but thrive, in work and in life. The organization has a presence in 135 cities in 17 countries and has helped more than 775,000 on their way self-sufficiency.

They’re doing their part to remind girls what they’re capable of. Let’s do ours.


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