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He’s Wearing: Walls insulated work jacket c/o Walmart | Old golf shirt (similar) | Calvin Klein jeans | Timberland Moc toe boots (aff)


I always dread the transition from fall to winter. I do love the summer-to-fall shift, when the weather starts to cool and I have to pull out my long-sleeved tops and denim jackets. But I’m not so fond of the need to be bundled into heavy coats and lots of layers. Still, that time is almost here, and even in Georgia, we still need a good coat for those days when the temperatures insist on staying below the 30s.

When Walmart challenged me to shop for outerwear options for my family, I had to do a quick inventory. Thanks to a couple of lucky months, I actually have recently acquired two new winter coats via giveaway wins, and hand-me-downs from my nieces delivered 6 coats and puffer vests to my oldest daughter. My mom grabbed a coat for baby Juliza at consignment sale a few months back.

The person most in need of a new coat was my hubby, who has been wearing the same two for more than 5 years รขโ‚ฌโ€ one of which has a huge hole that I’d been unable to repair. Thankfully, Walmart had a ton of options to choose from.


Given that we are in the South, there were a lot of lightweight options, more akin to windbreakers or sweatshirts with a bit of lining than a real coat. But he has a few of those in the closet already. What he needed was something heavier. Unfortunately, my store didn’t have any men’s puffer jackets in stock, though there were plenty of those for women and children. Instead, this wall was the answer:


The Walls work gear is heavy-duty and tough, and I knew it would appeal to my hubby’s sense of style. He chose the tan coat, mostly because so much of his wardrobe consists of Earth tones.



At $54.96, it was definitely one of the priciest coats available, but if it lasts him as long as his last two did, it will be well worth the cost. Given that it is designed for folks who do tough jobs, I think it’s safe to say it will work for everyday use. The hood will be a great feature for days when he leaves the house without a hat, or when the wind chill put temperatures in the frighteningly low range. Plus Walmart’s no-questions-asked apparel return policy means that if the performance isn’t up to snuff, we can take it back.


He loves the rugged look and clean lines. And I think he could model for a men’s big and tall catalog ๐Ÿ™‚ So we’re both happy.

Additionally, I did sneak over into the baby section and found some cute coats for Juliza, though I forgot to snap a pic. Most were in the $15-20 range. There were none I liked in her size, but I headed to to check out the options there. I fell in love with these printed puffer jackets from Child of Mine by Carter’s.


The coat she has now is more of a peacoat, so it isn’t waterproof and it doesn’t have a hood. It’s nice to know that, especially for a baby who will probably only wear it for one season, I can get a coat that is both affordable and durable. I just can’t decide between the navy polka dots and the leopard coat with the mint lining. Maybe both?

What about you? Are you shopping for winter coats this year? What do you look for when shopping for coats? Style? Quality? Price?


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