Celebrate Fall with a DIY Floral Headband


Fall is absolutely my favorite season, in part because of the relief from scorching hot weather and the opportunity to transition my wardrobe, but also because of the colors. Growing up in the Virgin Islands, I never got to experience the change of seasons and the beautiful hues that come with it. Don’t get me wrong — there’s something awesome about knowing you’ll wake up to warm weather and ocean breeze day after day, but I never really knew what I was missing.

So when Walmart challenged me to share a fall craft project, I knew I wanted to celebrate the colors and foliage that I have come to love so much. If, like me, the falling leaves and changing hues of autumn make you happy, make this DIY floral crown to celebrate.

DIY Floral Headband Tutorial

You’ll Need:


The first step is choosing your flowers. Walmart has a ton of gorgeous fall foliage in their craft section, and I was seriously tempted by some of the $5 branches with beautiful flowers and leaves in shades of orange, red and yellow. But the beautiful red-orange ranunculo stems you see in the photo above were too beautiful to pass up. The layered, symmetrical look was right up my alley.

You really don’t need a lot of flowers to make a great headband. At $2 a stem, I grabbed two ranunculo, one daisy and a stem of baby’s breath to use as filler. For a more elaborate piece that looks more like a crown, you can definitely get more flowers.

I couldn’t find any plain headbands, so I bought a set and simply removed the flower that came attached to one of the bands.


Next, remove the stems from the flowers. Most of them should detach pretty easily with a solid tug, but you may have to cut a small piece from the bottom of the flower. You want a pretty flush bottom for easy attachment to the headband.


Next, cut one circle and one rectangular strip of felt for each flower.  The circle needs to be large enough to cover the bottom of the flower without showing from the top. The rectangular strips should be at least as long as the diameter of the circle.


Hot glue a circle to the bottom of each flower to cover up the place where you removed the stem.

Next, glue the circle of felt to the headband. It’s a good idea to start at the seam of the headband to cover it up. Next, lay the rectangular strip of felt across the headband, and glue that, so the elastic is sandwiched between the circle and rectangle of felt.


Repeat for each of your flowers. I recommend placing the flowers pretty close together along the headband so that when it stretches on your head, you don’t end up with unsightly gaps between the flowers.


However, you can fill the gaps between flowers with smaller filler flowers — in this case, baby’s breath. Use the same technique for attaching with felt, though you might end up with two rectangles instead of a circle and a rectangle. Whatever shape works best for your smaller flowers is fine.


The finished product? Well, let’s just say it’s breathtaking. Here are three ways to wear your gorgeous new floral headband:



Front-facing crown


Hair tie-back


The felt is designed to make the headband comfortable to wear. And to show how comfortable, I couldn’t resist letting baby Juliza take it for a spin.


I think she likes it! In fact, all three of us girls love it so much that I have to make a few more. They’re a hit!

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