Baby Style: Fall Fashion Haul from Walmart


I’m one of those moms who likes to be prepared. So before baby Juliza ever graced us with her presence, she had a closet full of clothes in various sizes for various seasons — all bought on sale or secondhand. Sounds great in theory. However, I had no way of knowing my child would be bigger than almost every other baby her age.

What does that matter? Well, she’ll be 8 months old in 8 days. At the moment, she’s wearing 12 months clothes, and pushing 18 months in some stuff. Which means that she’ll probably be wearing 18 months this fall and winter. When I was planning, I thought she’d be wearing 18 month sizing next summer — when she’s actually 18 months old. So all the stuff she has in that size are for warm weather. Not really going to work.

So when Walmart challenged me to share a baby story with you, I took the opportunity to get her some fall and winter gear that she’ll actually be able to wear.


Walmart really does have a ton of cute, affordable baby clothes. And while I love shopping for Juliza, I don’t like spending a lot of money on stuff she’ll only wear for a short time. So anything I buy has to meet both criteria: Cute and Cost-effective. And whenever possible, organic. But that’s hard to find in person. Anyway, it took me forever just to narrow down a couple of outfits. Eventually though, we found three that will work for the next few months.

So we had a little photo shoot so Juliza can show off her new skills: Standing up and walking (with assistance).

Outfit 1


I picked up this Healthtex sweatshirt the moment I spotted it on the rack. I mean, could it be any cuter? Sweatshirts usually aren’t my cup of tea, but the addition of gold polka dots and a pink ruffle — plus the fact that it cost just $7.98 — made this one a must-have. I paired it with some $3.88 Garanimals denim-look leggings that she’ll be able to wear with a ton of other stuff. And how cute is the result?


A quick word about brand sizing: In my experience, Healthtex and Garanimals baby clothes tend to run a little on the small size and have less stretch. The Child of Mine by Carters clothes are more generous and have better stretch and better quality fabric. As a result, while this sweatshirt fits pretty well, I think I’m actually going to take it back and get a 24 month size just to make sure it’ll fit her when it really counts.

Outfit 2



Baby chambray shirt? Yes, please! This is another Healthtex top that I couldn’t pass up. The fabric, the pink polka dots, the cinched waist? Just, yes! This top is a transitional piece that she’ll probably start wearing soon because it fits right now, and because the length of the sleeves and the light weight of the fabric make it a perfect summer/fall transitional piece. The pink leggings are from Garanimals.

Bonus: This photo is evidence of what happens when you have a photo shoot with a baby: She tries to attack the camera.



Outfit 3


This was the only outfit I grabbed as a set, and while I like the style, I LOVE the quality. The Child of Mine by Carter’s brand is my favorite for baby clothes at Walmart, because the fabric is always soft and smooth, and as I mentioned, the sizing is generous. And if this gif of Juliza clapping is any indication, she likes it too!


I really love the long-sleeved ruffled top and the leggings will work with a ton of different outfits. Plus the elastic waist of these seemed more comfy around her middle than the Garanimals leggings. Note to self.

And because Juliza is such a good sport, we made a “runway” video of her three looks. We present “Baby on the Catwalk”:

I’m really happy with our finds, and I actually spotted a few more pieces that I plan to go back and get. But I’ve learned my lesson about trying to shop for the right size ahead of time. I’ll just have to let Juliza grow at her own (apparently very fast) pace, and try to keep up.

Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used.

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