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Baby Juliza is growing up fast. Too fast, it seems some days. And with growing up comes experimentation with food. She’s at the age now when she wants to try everything that we’re eating. Sometimes, that works. We can mash a little of whatever fruit or veggies we’re having and share with her. But there are times when we can’t share much of what’s on our plates. For those moments, we like to keep baby food on hand. And the child loves to eat.

So when Walmart asked me to share our experience with Plum Organics baby food, we jumped at the chance. Baby food in great blends that are also USDA certified organic? Yes, please!

Juliza still likes single ingredient baby food, but now that she’s a little older, we thought it would be fun to try some blends.

Plum Organics has a ton of great stage 2 options for babies older than 6 months, including sweet potato, corn & apple; pumpkin & banana; spinach, peas and pear; pear & mango and more. I started Juliza on pear & mango. I understand that these pouches are meant for ease on the go, since older babies and toddlers can just eat directly from the pouch. But at this age, I’m still serving Juliza with a spoon, so I squeezed a little into a bowl first.


And then? She went in.


All the way in.

Did I mention the child likes to eat? Oh. I did?

The very first bite was met with a little hesitation, but once she got the taste in her mouth, I couldn’t feed her fast enough. Really. She was whining between bites if I took too long.

And this is her face when we were done.


Honestly, the pear and mangoes were delicious. Not a combination I ever would have thought to try, but after this taste, I know what I’ll be adding to my next smoothie.

She also tried spinach, peas and pear, and loved that too. I love that she got some of the sweetness of the pear, with all the nutritional value of the veggies added as well. That is true of most of the stage 2 blends.

The best part? These pouches of organic goodness are available at Walmart for just $1.38 apiece. Not bad. Not bad at all for organic, non-GMO baby food with no artificial ingredients.

If there’s one caveat, it is the packaging. In general, I’d prefer packaging I can recycle or reuse. For baby food, that generally means glass jars, and that would honestly be my preference since my local recycling service won’t take the pouches. Also, I’ve seen one too many horror stories about what lies at the bottom of some food and drink pouches. Not a huge concern, but it’s in the back of my mind whenever I crack open one of these.

Still, we really love Plum Organics, for the flavors, the price point and the fact that they’re easily available at Walmart. When she gets a little older, we’ll try the Little Yums teething wafers, Super Puffs, Little Cremes (fruit and rice milk snacks) and Teensy Fruits. There are options for her all the way through toddlerhood.

Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used.

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