Outfit: Summer Comfort, Reebok Skyscape Style

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Confession: I’m a sneaker head. Have been since I was growing up. As much as I love fancy, sexy heels, I’ve never been the type to collect a lot of them because realistically, I don’t wear them often. My feet just aren’t a fan of shoes that require them to be contorted into awkward positions. But I will swoon over a good pair of sneakers.

I’ve been seeing the commercial for the Reebok Skyscape shoes a lot in the past few months. You know the one. It features Miranda Kerr getting undressed:

Could you keep your eyes on the shoes? I’m just asking.

Anyway, I wanted to know what the hype was about. Are they really that comfortable? So when I was offered a chance to grab a pair from Kohl’s, how could I say no?



First of all, let me just answer my own question. Yes. They really are that comfortable. Really. As a sneaker head, I have a ton of experience with various styles and fits. These? Fantastic.

The Skyscape is made a two-way stretch material that creates an “envelope” of sorts around the foot, so it feels like wearing a really smooth sock. The cushioned sole looks like a bed of pillows, and feels like it too. I have flat feet, and most shoes just aren’t about that archless life. I usually have to add arch supports, even in sneakers, especially if I’m going to be walking a lot. I wore these all day with no arch supports, because the built-in support was already awesome. It feels like the shoe molds around your foot, and they a little extra bounce to make walking feel natural and comfy.




Plus, they come in a bunch of fancy colors, including the hot pink ones I chose. They are the kind of shoes that I could wear all day, every day, for every situation. I’ve already worn them on a walk with my family, and they’re perfect for picking up my daughter from the bus stop and shopping trips — because I can spend a lot of time in the mall *wink wink, nudge nudge*. I’m already planning to wear them in a few weeks for Atlanta’s Caribbean Carnival during Memorial Day weekend, because I spend the better part of two days on my feet while we celebrate, and I need comfortable shoes if I’m going to do that. These are a no-brainer.



They don’t rub or irritate at all, even when worn without socks. Plus, they are machine washable — which pretty much makes them the Holy Grail of sneakers. I used to wash all my sneakers, but they don’t always come out of the washer looking the same way they did when they went in, so I learned my lesson. The fact that these are designed to be machine washed makes them perfect, in my book. So much so that I want to get them in several other colors, including the new patterned versions that were just released. Leopard print and gray zebra, oh my!

And did I mention they’re cute? Because…well…I’ll just let the outfit speak for itself while I pose my daughter’s bus stop.





I’m Wearing: Organic cotton white tee | Xhilaration skater skirt | Reebok Skyscape sneakers | DIY clutch | Forever21 necklace | BCBGeneration bracelet (similar) | ICU Eyewear sunglasses (aff)

I’m not overstating when I say that I love these. They’re cute, comfortable and versatile — even in hot pink — and they’re going to be a staple of my summer wardrobe. Some other colors are calling my name, and at just $59.99 at Kohls.com, I may have to answer that call.

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  1. You pretty much answered all my ?’s about these sneakers. I too have seen this commercial over and over again and wondered if they lived up to the hype bc I live for a good pair of sneakers and flats (and sandals, lol). I’m apart of the archless life too so, these seem perfect for me. LOVE how you styled them! Thanks for sharing!


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