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ASOS crop top | ASOS scuba midi skirt (plus size midi skirts) | Shoedazzle pumps (similar & similar) | Snake wrap bracelet (similar & similar) (aff)



Remember how I said I’ve really been loving skirts lately? Well, just consider this one to be the mother of all skirts. It’s the skirt I’ve been waiting for all my life.

OK. That’s probably a little dramatic. But honestly, I love this piece! I stalked it on ASOS for about a month before I finally pulled the trigger, and I wanted to do a cartwheel when I finally did. There’s nothing quite like a flouncy, structured skirt. The scuba fabric gives it a great shape, where a different type of fabric would hang closer to the body. And it has pockets. Pockets, y’all! I’m really tempted to head back to ASOS and buy one in every color. Though this color is the business.



And now, a word about this crop top. I’ve been promising myself that I’ll experiment with them more because, frankly, I want to and I can.  I loved the birds this one, and I knew from the cut that it would fit just how I wanted it to for this look. Sometimes, fitted crop tops work, but in this case, I wanted something a little looser for a slightly more demure silhouette. So even with a hint of skin showing, I still felt like a lady.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a crop top, ASOS is a great place to find inexpensive options, though I will say that their plus size options are slim. This top is from their straight size collection in a US size 14 — the biggest size available.



And finally, the shoes. They hurt. Period. Point blank. So keeping it real, I asked my hubby to take a photo of what happens when you wear heels like this.

You end up walking up the street barefoot. They are fab, but Lord have mercy! They were crazy uncomfortable. I’m not sure when — or even if — I’ll be wearing these again. But this skirt, tho? I will find a million ways to wear it.


ASOS crop top | ASOS scuba midi skirt (plus size midi skirts) | Shoedazzle pumps (similar & similar) | Snake wrap bracelet (similar & similar) (aff)

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  1. 1st off, you look GREAT! I love the skirt, as well as the crop top. Great styling! 2nd, I hear you about shoes that hurt. I try to be cute and do the heels thing but er umm….it doesn’t always work, lol. Great look…xo!


    1. Thanks, Whitney! See…this is why I usually stick to flats. My motto is comfortable over cute any day, but I broke that rule this time. I seriously can’t imagine why I ever wanted to do that to my feet…lmao!

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