The World’s Easiest Easter Egg Project


As much as I love Easter and crafting, I’ve never really gotten into decorating eggs. Honestly, it’s just a lot of work. There was that one time a few years back when we dyed our eggs naturally, using food. Yes, food. Think beets, cabbage, onions, etc. That was fun, but it took forever! There was a lot of boiling and wrapping and waiting, and overall, it required a lot of effort. Given that noone ate the eggs and we wound up throwing them away, it was sort of wasted effort.

So as you can imagine, when Walmart challenged me to try a new product that would change all that, I jumped at the chance. Introducing: dyeable plastic eggs.


You read that right. These eggs are made of plastic, but the surface feels really similar to the shell of a real hard-boiled egg. As a result, they can be colored using the same types of dye and kits you’d use for real eggs. And there’s no boiling. Score!

Except this year, I didn’t want to do springy colors or traditional dyeing. I wanted bold, graphic gold eggs. So in addition to the eggs, all I needed was one thing: Gold Sharpies.


You’ll notice there’s also paint in that photo. I’ll get to that later.

These eggs take to drawing like a dream, and unlike paint and dye, Sharpie sketches dry really quickly. My daughter and I simply freehanded some designs, including:

Polka Dots & Stripes


Stars & Swirls


Scales & Hearts


Flowers & a “Cracked” Egg


Really, we just moved from egg to egg doing whatever came to mind. Easy, creative and fun!

But you’ll remember that photo with the Sharpies also includes gold craft paint. Well, we had planned to dip the ends of some of the eggs into gold paint for a gorgeous, minimal look. Thing is, that didn’t work out so well.


The paint was heavy and drippy, and not in a cool artsy way that we could play off as intentional. That made it difficult to set them down to dry, so we wound up with paint spots we didn’t intend.

Still, with just the Sharpies, our imaginations and minimal time, my daughter and I created a beautiful basketful of gold eggs that we can set aside to use again next year. 


I really can’t imagine an easier way to decorate Easter eggs — hence the name of this post. You can use sharpies in any color you want, including traditional Easter pastels. If you know anything about my taste, you’ll know I rarely go for traditional 🙂

Looking for more Easter ideas?

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Did the eggs hold up well over time? I bought some but want to use them as decorations year after year. Are these a good option?

    1. Jennifer, they held us exceptionally well! My youngest daughter still plays with them today, because some of them have beads or something inside like a rattle. The Sharpie art still looks as great as the day I did it 🙂

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