Outfits for Two: Dressed for the Ballet


I admit that since baby Juliza was born, it’s been a challenge to find alone time with my older daughter. She is an amazing big sister who helps out a lot, but she rarely has mama to herself these days. That’s been a big change. Within a 6-month time frame, my stepson came to live with us and we added a new baby, so very quickly, she went from having mom and dad all to herself to sharing us.

So a few weeks ago, I arranged a mommy-daughter date. I grabbed some tickets for the two of us to go see a local ballet performance of Cinderella. We had a great time together, and on the way home, we stopped at the park to do something else we both enjoy — taking pictures. Especially since she picked out her own outfit and added a tiara at the ballet.


SHE’S WEARING: Thrifted Cherokee floral dress  |  Cherokee cardigan  |  Faded Glory leggings |  Merona flats (aff)

After the ballet, of course she had to pose like a ballerina! In her ballet flats, no less.


Plus, it only makes sense that they were selling tiaras at the ballet. Because what little girl doesn’t leave a performance like that wanting to be a princess, right? The upshot is that the quality is pretty nice, and I know she’ll cherish both the tiara and the memory of our date.



She picked her outfit all the way down to the leggings and the shoes, so I had to let her show it off :) I live for photos like these, because soon, my little girl won’t be so little any more, and I’ll look back at these with misty eyes about how much she has grown up.


And to prove how much she’s growing up, she had to show off her photography and photoshoot directing skills. She’s becoming a pretty good photographer with a good eye for composition, and she “posed” me for quite a few shots.


I’M WEARING: Thrifted Ralph Lauren tie neck top (similar)  |  Forever 21 lace skirt (similar)  |  Thrifted City DKNY blazer (similar)  |  Thrifted BCBG ankle strap flats  |  Steve Madden Sunrize satchel  |  Gifted floral bracelet (aff)


I’ve had this outfit on my radar for a long while, but I could never quite decide when to wear it. I figured if I can’t wear a tulle skirt and ballet flats to the ballet, then when the heck would I wear them, right?


I kept the rest of the outfit simple so the skirt could do the talking. And I was thankful that though it was a rainy day, it wasn’t very cold, so I could afford to go bare-legged.


Honestly, we’re going to have to do this mommy daughter date thing more often. Juliza will get her turn soon enough 🙂

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