Valentine’s Gift Idea: Life, Responsibility & Chocolate

OK. So I admit that the headline of the post is a bit…umm…confusing. But this year for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give my daughter something more than yet another stuffed animal or heart-emblazoned t-shirt. So when Walmart challenged me to shop for Valentine’s gifts, I in turn challenged myself to find something a little bit unconventional.

I have to say, the selection of Valentine’s themed gifts was impressive. A full four aisles worth, with additional choices sprinkled throughout the appropriate sections of the store. In fact, in addition to finding an awesome gift for my daughter, I took a moment to buy Valentine’s cards and treats for her classmates and teacher.


Because as much as I loved the DIY scratch-off Valentine’s cards we made together last year, this mama of a newborn just doesn’t have the time or the energy to make something elaborate for her classmates this year. So I grabbed a cute mailbox for just $3.47, complete with 36 cards, along with a gift pack of Skittles, because for kids, the best part of exchanging Valentine’s cards at school is the treats that come with them.

But back to my unconventional idea. Technically, it was my husband’s unconventional idea, but who’s counting, right? He happened to be walking by the pet supply section and noticed the fish bowls and supplies. Aha moment! We could give her a fish for Valentine’s Day!

With Juliza now firmly settled in all our hearts, Ja’Naya is embracing her role as big sister. She has more tangible responsibility now, and anything we can do to encourage that spirit is a good thing, right?


Our Walmart doesn’t sell fish, but they do carry fish bowls, tanks and accessories. We grabbed a cool LED-lit fish bowl for less than $12 and some multi-colored jewels to fancy up the bottom of the bowl. (aff)

We went to a local pet store to find an inhabitant for the bowl: a blue Betta fish that my daughter has since dubbed — what else — Boy Blue.


And just so you know — it is deceptively difficult to take a good photo of a moving fish in a bowl.

Anyway, because this mama is a sentimental type (who also has a sweet tooth), I decided to pair this gift with something we both love: Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles. (aff)


These things are like little balls of magic and we could both eat them all day. For $4.98/bag, we have no excuse not to enjoy them.

So this Valentine’s Day, my daughter will have a new sister and a new fish to love on and take care of, and we can enjoy a sweet treat together.

What unconventional gift ideas have you considered for your Valentine?

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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