36 Week Baby Bumpdate: Patience, Grasshopper

I am genuinely floored that I have less than 4 weeks left before my due date. Where in the world did the time go? Don’t get me wrong…I won’t lie and try to say that I haven’t felt pregnant or that the time has flown by super quickly. But it honestly doesn’t feel like it should be nearly over already.

Here’s a peek at the current baby bump:


My little cupcake (this is the nickname the hubby and I have chosen) is very clearly left with little room to spare in there, and her every move results in my entire belly changing shape pretty visibly. But I can still walk up the stairs (slowly) and I’m feeling almost energetic enough to get up and dance with my daughter on the XBOX. Almost. Lol!

People keep asking me if I’m ready for my pregnancy to be over, and my response is, honestly, not really. I’m cool. I’m not in any hurry and I want my little lady to show up when she is ready. My older daughter came two days after her due date, so we’ll see what happens this time.

Part of the reason I feel this way is that I developed a pretty crappy head cold the weekend after Christmas, and I’d love to be completely over it before the baby is born. This cold has provided enough misery on its own — which explains why my eyes look sleepy and my hair is still in a big puff even though it’s long since past time I washed, conditioned and styled it. I don’t need to add new parent sleeplessness and learning to breastfeed to the mix. The cold is still around, but noticeably weaker than it was a few days ago, so that’s a good sign.

On top of that, during my last few visits to the doctor, my blood pressure was pretty high, which led to a series of tests to find out if I have preeclampsia. It’s a difficult condition to describe, but if I were diagnosed with it and my blood pressure continued to soar with other symptoms developing, there’s a chance my doctor would’ve had to induce birth early for both my and the baby’s sake. Not really what I wanted to hear.

The good news? As of my doctor’s visit today, I do not have preeclampsia — at least not at the moment. However, they’ll have to continue monitoring my blood pressure and checking for any increase in the levels of protein in my urine. As of right now, my condition is just being called “pregnancy induced hypertension”, and I’ve been placed on a medication to regulate my blood pressure.  I can handle this.

Other than some mild swelling in my hands and feet, which I’d expect anyway, at this point, there aren’t any real symptoms. Plus, the baby’s heartbeat is as strong as ever and she’s kicking and moving like she always has been, so she’s not in any distress.

All of this is good, so thank God for favor. Because to be honest, I’m praying that all goes well until I go into labor naturally — hopefully close to my actual due date — so I can make sure all the little things we need to get done are taken care of in the meantime. Right now, the biggest one on the checklist is getting a breast pump through my insurance company. I had to wait until within 30 days of my due date to order it, which meant I only just did that a few days ago. It also takes two weeks to process and deliver, and that’s cutting it a little too close for comfort, because I know I’ll likely need that pump within the first few days.

Plus, I own exactly zero nursing bras, nursing tops or covers, so I’m woefully ill-prepared in that department and it didn’t even cross my mind until a few days ago.

Plus plus, we still have to put some finishing touches on the nursery — including a decision on my part about whether to stencil the focal wall. It would be a super simple pattern, so nothing really tedious. Still, it would require several hours of work while on my feet with my hands above my head much of the time. I can see it in my head and I think it will be gorgeous, but the prospect of actually painting it has me feeling meh. We shall see. I’m trying to decide if I think the room feels “finished” without it.

Are there any other pregnant mamas who are following along? How far along are you and how are you feeling? Feel free to share in the comments below!

By jennae

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  1. Despite your cold, I am so happy things are coming along well with baby cupcake. I am sure you will have everything you need in time and those things you don’t get to, don’t worry. Everything will fall into place and you will be holding your sweet newborn in your arms. I am so excited for you and your family. I am sure big sister will enjoy her role in baby’s life. I pray your cold goes away very soon. Stay well and stay warm!

    Shelly xo

    1. Thank you Shelly! I’m feeling SO much better than I was a week ago, and I’m just trying to relax and trust that everything that needs to be done will be done, and our joy over our new addition will make up for anything that doesn’t. Perspective, right? 🙂

  2. Don’t worry about nursing tops just yet. Do get at least 3 nursing bras, pads for leakage, and lanolin oil for your nipples. The oil helps with gettin baby to latch to the right spot and keep u from chafing. Get tops after you’re comfortable nursing or just get button up tops and a nursing shawl. I nursed my youngest for over a year bcuz he refused the bottle. Also become great New buddies with your local La Leche League. They do home visits and free classes. Enjoy your last days lady and good luck

    1. Thanks for the advice, Marie! I will definitely get some lanolin oil or some other type of nipple cream, because I’m allergic to pain…lol. And I definitely need to acquaint myself with La Leche League, because I imagine their help will be invaluable 🙂

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