Surprise! My Family Got Me with a Baby Shower on My Birthday

First things first: I had never had a surprise party in my life. In fact, I’m pretty hard to surprise as a general rule. I like to think it’s because I’m intuitive and pay attention to what’s going on around me, but I’m probably giving myself too much credit.

Anyway, I mentioned that last Saturday was my 31st birthday. To celebrate, my hubby took me out to an early movie — The Best Man Holiday, and it was everything! We went to Studio Movie Grill which made us a great birthday package, which is a movie theater where you can order food and drinks and have them delivered to your seat so you can eat while you watch. Afterward, we went to Babies R’Us for no real reaso other than to scope out their baby gear, and then he took me to the mall for a manicure. Sounds great, right?

Well, what I didn’t realize is that the man was stalling and trying to keep me away from the house.

Because we returned to a huge surprise:



My family and friends, masterminded by my sister-in-law and older sister, planned a baby shower for me, on my birthday, no less.  And they got me. For serious.


Don’t get me wrong. My spidey senses had been tingling for a few weeks whenever my hubby and his sister talked on the phone, because he’d leave the room. And he was a little too curious about my friends. But my hubby is on the phone often, and his questions about my friends pretty innocent and therefore not really enough to make me suspicious. Plus the last thing on my mind was to browse on sites like for a gift for the baby shower, particularly because my sister-in-law doesn’t even live in Georgia and I was convinced she’d be busy that weekend.

In retrospect, I should’ve figured it out, but I guess I’m not quite as intuitive as I thought. Or everyone is really good at keeping secrets.

Either way, it was a beautiful day, and I am eternally thankful to my family and all my friends who came out to celebrate with us. You guys really made me feel special. I leave you with some pics from the party.

After that, I can’t help but to love them all 🙂

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